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  1. Warning: This may or may not cause some rage. I intend to provide constructive criticism. I have never posted here before, but this is just something I've observed as a relative newb. Back when I first got on Crowfall and joined a faction, I read the descriptions. Here's what I got from each one. Order: The extremist zealots of the world. Only they are right in their own eyes. Chaos: The stereotypical bad guys who want to destroy everything. Balance: The only good guys who love everything and are great. I joined Balance naturally. When the game got wiped after another update, I turned to Chaos faction after realizing that Balance was where 90% of everyone went. It's my belief that the above easy-to-arrive-to interpretations of the descriptions for each faction are the reason why there is such an imbalance of number across the factions. I'm not sure how it might be accomplished, but giving a better description for each faction might help with the imbalance. That or putting a cap on the population of each faction.
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