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  1. Ultima Online has been around 24 years and people are still playing it. It may even have a population today that is bigger than Crowfalls population. Crowfall was born a PVP game. What has it grown into now? A crafting RNG game with a little PVP on the side. You want risk vs reward? Make mines produce top tier resources. You lose a mine you lose the ability to craft the best gear*. Now that is a risk that is worth fighting for. *after the crafting aspect is fixed too (less complex)
  2. I wanted Crowfall to succeed and though it was going in the right direction at inception with the focus on PVP. Came back years later to the launch and see this crafting system. Crowfall will now go down in history as a crafting disaster. Some notes on the crafting and distribution of craft items: 1. Ultima Online Vendor's worked because they were in the wild where someone could happen on one and buy stuff... or you got lucky like I did and get one just outside of a bank making me MILLIONS of gold. Where are they in Crowfall? Behind a loading screen and possibly be one of dozens of vendors you have to scour through in one EK (which the proposed "find" system won't fix). 2. Ultima Online's crafting system was a streamlined system. Each craft didn't require others (to my knowledge). Katana's take X amount of ingots and that is it (UO). Instead of needing an item from leatherworking AND woodworking (shield), then making 3 more items and combining one into three more itmes then combining what's left over for an item that is not as good as what you would find in a house or on an NPC most of the time (Crowfall). See the difference in complexity? 3. Lets leave Shadowbanes superior mine and craft system out of this fight for now...
  3. Someone must of divided by 0.
  4. After talking with some of my guild mates we came to several conclusions: 1. PVP in Crowfall is amazing and beats everything else out there (even the new kid on the block). 2. The crafting in Crowfall is the downfall of the game. 3. The EK vendor system too. Number 2 and 3 is making them want to play a new shiny sub par game (the new kid on the block). I really wished I could of been around when they started adding this crafting system back in alpha/beta. I would of yelled and screamed back then about how bad it was. I stopped playing before they even added textures to the white blocks, etc. When it was a PVP game and not a crafting grind. With their limited developers (due to lay offs) and the "new kid on the block" I fear for the games demise. I purposely bought 1 year VIP as a gamble things get better.
  5. It's funny how everyone here is disagreeing with me AND agreeing with me at the same time. Making it an easier system is one solution to the absurdity it is right now. The mines and npc crafters system I mentioned from Shadowbane was just a fun and even more simple solution (that worked in that game even if the game died due to being sold off to UBIsoft). They are talking about adding mines now. If the devs add a higher chance for normal resources then they will be worth the fight over them. It would be just like the Shadowbane mines. The mines were important enough in Shadowbane that we killed our own leveling groups if we couldn't field enough people to take them. That is a level of gameplay that none of you have ever experienced. Mines is a great step 1. Step 2 needs to be tweaking the crafting system.
  6. Can we have the mines produce regular resources more often than keeps did too? Also add random leather to it (like the pigs spawns). Make it so Gods Reach is low level stuff (white and green), Factions mid level (green, blue, rare purp), and Dregs high level (blue, purple, rare legendary!). This would give us more reasons to fight over them. Not everyone can bang on trees/rocks all day long. Would be neat to have random motherloads spawn near it when active too (mass graves, pile of animals, big rocks). That may be asking too much.
  7. The Templar may have been solo when that happened. We killed his friend a few minutes before killing him. He hit like a truck and was hard to kill.
  8. If crafting is so awesome why does 90% of the people I talk to hate it? Its the most absurd system I have ever encountered. We should be fighting over mines with NPC's crafting our items like in Shadowbane. That was the best crafting system I ever saw for a "game of thrones" style game. Edit: I should mention I am a Legendary Weaponsmith. I solo leveled it for the most part. Took me from release to about a week ago to do it. I am Purple/Blue in most everything else. I rather be out pvping than crafting.
  9. I like this idea. There was another game that had crafting NPC's. Let me think... what was its name.... OHH it was Shadowbane! Which this game was supposed to be molded after? I would go a step further and add mines that guilds can fight over. The mines produce the rare resources that crafting NPC's need to make good gear. Maybe allow these NPC's to be placed at keeps.
  10. Please make crafting simpler!!! Its absurd to have to have 3 or 4 different crafts to make one item. My simple solution: Lock a character to one craft and one harvest. Add a 3rd slot for advanced exploration discs. Make everything in that craft happen at ONE crafting table. This will make the game more player friendly and less guild friendly. With characters locked to harvest/craft you will still have to look to others for other gear (or just make a second character). I don't think there would be ANY opposition to this style of change outside of big guilds wanting to keep their crafting superiority.
  11. From what I read a Vindi can get it that high...
  12. I've never seen damage that high with that ground AOE spell until today...
  13. How does the game run on it? I am looking for a cheap way to play the game on a Windows based system. Right now I am playing on an iMac that gets about 70 to 100 fps in the game. If I move to a Macbook in the future I wont be able to play the game so I will have to build something cheap.
  14. I can push it to a whopping 11% using Villein and a blue belt. At legendary I would imagine it would hit a heart stopping 15%. That's nothing compared to people hitting motherloads with Gem potions. There are no wood motherloads to hit that I know of.
  15. Please don't boycott mine... I need to make my ws belt legendary sometime this year. Plus I think my prices are pretty low. That is why I call it "CHEAP Disciplines Vendor!!!!"
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