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  1. The game runs my graphics cards fan at full speed on minimal settings. Intel Core i9-9900k CPU, 64GB ram, Radeon Pro Vega 48 8gb
  2. You could add disciplines to that list too. Although most only added value instead of changing dynamics.
  3. Where is Shadivak when we need him... Edit: lol I just realized I already commented on this thread.
  4. My condolences to his family and friends. I remember speaking with and playing with Coolwaters in multiple games in the past even though I was never a WB member. This is a huge loss and he will be missed greatly in the gaming community. This is the third ever gamer that I have known to pass away with the first being one of my past guilds leaders: Booms RIP Charles Wesley 'Wes' "Coolwaters" Fowler
  5. They are with the 5 - 100 other worlds that will be in the game. This "Titan" server is one out of many possible rulesets. Like some servers won't allow you to bring items into them the Titan server would require your guild to have 150 or more players to join. This is 2015 (almost 2016). Remember Shawdowbane back in 2003? There were 1000+ player sieges in that game and the client bogged down to about 1 spell cast every few minutes. I would think technology would have improved since then to allow these "Titans" to fight each other on this one server. The "Titan" server would be
  6. I actually thought of a better idea: 150 Guild member minimum "Titans" server. You guild must have at minimum 150 players to join the server as a guild. ACE makes the rules without consulting anyone. Some of the larger guilds can fight each other without hurting the small guy. Crowfall servers are about multiple choices, right?
  7. I totally understand the "special treatment" issue brought up. However, how much fun is a 30 man guild going to have if there is a 1000 man guild on their server causing population locks or simply zerging you into the ground if there is no lock? These guilds exist. Give them an opportunity to play Titan vs Titan. I agree with this as well. I know at least one Mega Guild that likes to pick on the little guy (not PRX). So while PRX could be convinced to do this the others may not want to fight on even grounds.
  8. The SB DF alliance didn't do so well. There was an older and greater evil that originated from Ultima Online that did more damage in that game as an alliance. That was when it actually had players playing the game. Hopefully that won't be repeated in Crowfall (but most likely will).
  9. We all know these guilds exist out there. They have 200 - 500 (or more) players in them. When they come to a game in force they wreck havoc to the games systems and players. PRX and GW2 is a great example: I was with them for the launch of GW2. When they wanted to "win" a server round they would force their entire population to be on an "All Call" where you had to be queued up for PVP. It was a disaster if you loved PVP. You could go days without PVP because the world servers were full. Now imagine if a mega guild like that decides to play Crowfall. That would lock down a norm
  10. Hing, Desolate, and maybe others morphed into Dissent with Shadivak as leader. I don't remember who came from where exactly. I know me and Deli came from Desolate (the remnants of -S- after they pulled out of the game). Deli went missing from our forums and most likely quit gaming. RIP Hamlin/Booms (Hing?). Shadivak was sighted on these forums awhile back (Hing?). Few other Dissent faces on here that may have better memories than me.
  11. I think a small guild would work if they know the game well. Like another guild I knew a long time ago that busted zergs in our beloved shut down game. I will say politics have evolved a lot since back then. Some of the beds out there are just to small for the people jumping in them these days. If it was the weekend after that weekend maybe! I would bring my Shadowbane mug too. Yes, I have one.
  12. Any system can be hacked. 2FA isn't bulletproof. Having an account name different than forum/chat game isn't bulletproof. It only adds an extra obstacle for the hackers when they finally get X amount of information. Not having forum/chat different than login is handing over 1/4 of what they need to break your account. Lets look at it this way. You need your Guildmaster to do something just before a defensive siege. Someone who knows his login name (from here) and knows when he is logging in (spy) could theoretically keep him locked out of his account possibly screwing the defenders o
  13. I think that is a really bad idea. Same for these forums. The account login name needs to be different than the name you communicate with for security purposes. Where I saw this as an issue: https://youtu.be/-XtiXtY6Htc?t=1m35s His chat name was different than the character name he used. So the developers account name is "billyg". Just from that username alone we can deduct that Billy Garretsen may have been the person behind that video. Imagine if this wasn't a developer and was a player using their full real name. With more or less half the community being Shadowbane players we
  14. I would love to see hired guards in Crowfall. Especially if you can rank them like in SB.
  15. I used to have RL contact info for Guilty. I don't know if he sold his music venture or not. That pub's website still exists! Yes it was Arvada. I remember some of the photos from the Dissent Vegas gathering with her, Exit, and Exit's brother. I don't remember who else went. Edit: Talking to Guilty over the phone right now lol. He says he is doing good, living life.
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