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  1. I do have Blood Rose too. I do agree the little things do add up. Thanks for posting this!
  2. I went opposite of your spec with Divine power instead. Does RR reflect magical damage or does it only reflect bow and throwing? What about AOE damage? If yes to both I could see it being a better passive. If no I really dont know...
  3. I do have to admit one thing: I am running Crowfall on a high end iMac with Windows installed. I have no issues in-game with FPS or anything. No issues with being in town with lots of players or in fights of up to 20 players (have not experienced sieges yet). It just runs my fans at full speed while other games do not. I really need to build a dedicated gaming machine before my iMac melts (its for my business lol). Also, didn't the Crowfall dev's use a 3rd party engine for this game? That could be the reason they can't improve performance that much. A good example of why 3rd party engines are bad: The game Rust uses a 3rd party for their engine. That engines Mac client is permanently screwed because the 3rd party developer wont fix the 5 minute memory leak on the Mac client which screws the game up (Rust locks up ever 5 minutes on a Mac, been that way for over a year). Its up to a 3rd party to improve performance AND up to the Crowfall devs to implement it once created.
  4. Would it be better to put more points into SPR? Is support power better than healing bonus? Its really hard to see what is impacting my melee heals more.
  5. I have an AMD card. I know someone else that has a Nvidia card that has no issues too. On a side note I forgot one more thing: 9. We need the ability to put waypoints on the map!
  6. I am sure some of these points have already been said. This is just my observation of the release. 1. Group of 5 is way too small. I think we had either 8 or 10 people in a group in Shadowbane. Since you have raid bosses (and sieges) there should be a raid mode where multiple groups can be grouped together. Make only the party leader of the other groups show up on the compass to prevent icon overload. 2. We need a mini map and a better main map (showing where party members are). The main map feels like a computer resource hog too. Maybe that is why party stuff was left off? 3. Load lag when players are in the area needs to be addressed. Is this Darkfall all over again??? 4. Not enough NPC's in camps and their AI is weird. This feels intended to make the game future proof (for low population). The AI part is where they just stand there for seconds before attacking and sometimes attack you from a mile away. Not consistent and feels jittery. 5. Is the developer strategy of the game built around a lower population in the future? The feel of almost everything yells "we are ready to have Darkfall levels of population". This could be a double edged sword for the game as a whole. 6. Crafting feels a little overboard with the base resource cost. I will say this is from a newer player perspective. I know getting better gathering disc's gets you more materials faster. It just feels like climbing a mountain in a game where everything breaks fast (drops and vendor items break fast to a new player eyes). My suggestion is to tone it down a bit. Less ore needed for bars, etc. 7. No guild member list in-game? It would be nice to see where guild members are and have the ability to group with them within the in-game interface if you are on the same server. Same with friends list. See where they are (unless they toggle location off) and group up (not just a Murder). 8. The game engine still needs a lot of optimization. I have been saying this for years in both beta and alpha. Several other games that looks like this game run smooth on my computer and do not run my graphics card fan. They are just as complex as Crowfall. Crowfall turns my computer into a jet engine even in my own eternal kingdom. Overall I am enjoying myself. It has that Albion Online meets Shadowbane feel to it. It's a lot different than most run of the mill MMOs out there. I also get to play with some people I have not played with in years. Now if the sheep would only stay around longer on this one instead of running away to other games.
  7. You could add disciplines to that list too. Although most only added value instead of changing dynamics.
  8. They are with the 5 - 100 other worlds that will be in the game. This "Titan" server is one out of many possible rulesets. Like some servers won't allow you to bring items into them the Titan server would require your guild to have 150 or more players to join. This is 2015 (almost 2016). Remember Shawdowbane back in 2003? There were 1000+ player sieges in that game and the client bogged down to about 1 spell cast every few minutes. I would think technology would have improved since then to allow these "Titans" to fight each other on this one server. The "Titan" server would be a "carrot on a stick" approach to lure these really large guilds away from the normal servers. Is PRX better than Blood? Will Goonsquad beat both easily on this server? Do any of these large guilds have any reason to play Crowfall if they focus on only little guilds? There is a possible money aspect to this as well for ACE but that is a given. It's something they should think about or even simply ask any large guild contact if they were interested in something like this.
  9. I actually thought of a better idea: 150 Guild member minimum "Titans" server. You guild must have at minimum 150 players to join the server as a guild. ACE makes the rules without consulting anyone. Some of the larger guilds can fight each other without hurting the small guy. Crowfall servers are about multiple choices, right?
  10. I totally understand the "special treatment" issue brought up. However, how much fun is a 30 man guild going to have if there is a 1000 man guild on their server causing population locks or simply zerging you into the ground if there is no lock? These guilds exist. Give them an opportunity to play Titan vs Titan. I agree with this as well. I know at least one Mega Guild that likes to pick on the little guy (not PRX). So while PRX could be convinced to do this the others may not want to fight on even grounds.
  11. The SB DF alliance didn't do so well. There was an older and greater evil that originated from Ultima Online that did more damage in that game as an alliance. That was when it actually had players playing the game. Hopefully that won't be repeated in Crowfall (but most likely will).
  12. We all know these guilds exist out there. They have 200 - 500 (or more) players in them. When they come to a game in force they wreck havoc to the games systems and players. PRX and GW2 is a great example: I was with them for the launch of GW2. When they wanted to "win" a server round they would force their entire population to be on an "All Call" where you had to be queued up for PVP. It was a disaster if you loved PVP. You could go days without PVP because the world servers were full. Now imagine if a mega guild like that decides to play Crowfall. That would lock down a normal server population really quick. The best solution I see for this would be a "Mega Server" specifically made for these Mega Guilds to duke it out on. A Mega Server could require that the ACE developers contact several of the mega guild leaders to see if they can all agree on a ruleset and timer (since most of these guilds make actual plans of what they are doing and where they are going). Then when the server is released these Mega Guilds can clash with each other to see who is really the best. Another thing ACE would need to do is make sure there is a strong warning for smaller guilds as they would get frustrated quick when fighting such overwhelming odds. A server like this would also need to handle up to 5000 players or more (10,000!). This server would funnel these server locking/crashing into one place while the rest of us in smaller guilds can duke it out elsewhere. Unless we smaller guilds decide we want to disrupt the larger ones with no way of winning anything other than an annoyance award.
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