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  1. Hmmm may need to take a look into the Pitfighter idea.
  2. That as of right now because of the lack of final damage and no love to the Archer class, that there is really no point to even try and run Ranger as anything other than a Warden or Brigand?
  3. Region: NA Time Zone: PST Atmosphere : Social/ Role-play/ new player friendly. Game has a very rich lore would love to find a guild just as driven to the story. Casual/Hardcore: Mix Focus: PvP Play-Style: Healer, DPS, Tank Faction: Currently NA Chaos Game Experience: GW, GW2, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, FFXIV, WoW (all except recent expansion), Blade and Soul, BDO, Wild Star, Torchlight, Tibia, Runescape, SWOTR <- this is just covering MMORPGS/ Dungeon crawlers really. Voice-Chat services: Discord. (can get others if requested) Languages: Eng
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