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    CursedReaper reacted to Soulreaver in Is it correct to say?   
    As a ... rather larger Ranger fan boy .. 
    Archer : 
    Can be viable but is very situational. 
    There are a lot of things which needs to be met. 
    You 'do' need a group. 
    You will need lots of room to kite if in the open, and each time you kite you know you're not viable anymore cause you're damage is subpar at best. 
    Your skills are going to be limited to LMB and rapid Fire/Richocette shot, cause most of your really grp functional abilities like Supress and Root have a 30m range limit which is non modified.
    You will be -extremely- gear dependent.
    You will be -extremely- discipline dependent.

    If on the other hand you do have a situation where you : 
    If you can get elevated terrain.
    If you do have people supporting you.
    If you do have a really good performance on your computer and no lag etc.

    Then yes you can be very viable.

    Brigand : 
    Without a doubt the most viable Ranger Spec ATM.  while yes you do sell out on some of your ranged power (although it's NOT a lot since when an Archer is no stationary then the brigands damage on the bow is -actually- larger than the archers.).  You do gain some very nice tactical abilities... 
    Although for the love of GOD I don't get why Druid bombs are invisible, but ranger bombs are... !?!??!

    Warden :
    Anti Stealth... You're not going to be doing a whole lot in neither ranged nor melee, cause you pretty much semi suck at both... but exposing stealthers as a role in a Siege is rather vital and worth your place...

    That being said..
    Basic Bow + Basic Arrows 
    Basic Bow + Advanced Arrows(Quiver)
    Advanced Bow + Basic Arrows
    Advanced Bow + Advanced Quivers ...

    The first 2 pretty much = the same damage.
    The last 2 also = the same damage... 

    If this is what is called "working as intended"... then I would STRONGLY suggest you play another class.   It's not @worth the squeeze.....
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    CursedReaper reacted to Drizzzy in Jah's Reports on the Trial of Kane   
    Payback was enforced tonight. GF guys! 
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    CursedReaper reacted to Dawnstrider in REMOVE TIME TRAINING.   
    I would really like the idea of play-based skills as well. This could work within the current system too. If you harvest ore you would gain points in mining, if you use the blacksmith discipline you get points for it, etc.
    Though the current system does have a lot of benefits as well. Even people who do not have a lot of time can advance even when they are not able to play. The main issue is not being able to catch up with people that have been playing longer. I think there was post about this though. Something about them putting a system to do just that in later.
    Ultimately, I think a combination of the two would probably work out for the best. You would gain points when you play based on what you actually do in the game, then you gain passive points as well to spend on whatever you want.
    I do not really like the idea of limiting players by using the VIP function, it should be a boost, not a must have addition to the game. Which it would be if you locked out whole skill trees behind a pay-wall. It is a very dangerous game for to play especially with this whole micro-transaction controversy. 
    As for wanting to the quit the whole game over it, I would definitely wait it out. Go play on the TEST server to test out classes and look at new features. Some of the stuff they have is pretty amazing. If you need help with certain aspects of the game there are tons of people willing to help. Like me
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    CursedReaper reacted to Marth in REMOVE TIME TRAINING.   
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    CursedReaper reacted to Jjusticar in REMOVE TIME TRAINING.   
    It doesn't? 
    It just enhances in-game activities over time. I'm not sure where this notion that it's pointless to play the game before having skills trained comes from, it's poorly thought out. Sure, at the moment you are behind in the training curve because there are none of the planned catch-up mechanics in place. But considering everyone starts from the same point, say after a skills wipe or the launch of the game, the relative power gained from spending 5 minutes harvesting trees with no skills will be almost literally the same as the relative power gained from hitting trees months down the line. 
    The 5 minutes you spend today will be the same in terms of your relative power gain between yourself and other players as it will be tomorrow in the long run. 
    But maybe this form of thinking is too advanced. 
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    CursedReaper reacted to Trundle in REMOVE TIME TRAINING.   
    There's a lot to be accomplished in the game besides skill training. The skill training only improves what you can do, it doesn't limit what you can do.
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    CursedReaper reacted to jst4kix in REMOVE TIME TRAINING.   
    The whole account time training is absolutely stupid. I log in i set my account to train i log out because Im not wasting my time playing a game where i am already far behind the other people. I forget about the game for awhile come back, Have to many points in one tree. Move to another tree.. repeat process.  A month later have absolutely no desire to play.
    This is one of the worst ideas i have seen in a mmo. I despise the rate of which this game is being developed and the place it is currently going. 
    Can i get a refund?
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    CursedReaper reacted to Thimble in [RP] Thimble's Promise   
    The forges within the Corvus Citadel had been a bustle of activity since the Trials had begun. Though Thimble was but a crow, he had mastered the use of hammer and anvil while inhabiting the reanimated corpse of a long dead knight. Long had he toiled in that vessel, sweating from the heat of the flames, his arms covered in soot. The body had required food and drink while working, but the Citadel had provided. Zerst, Master Chef of the Citadel, had been hard at work himself, creating endless amounts of his signature dishes: gerbil cream pies and gerbil juice. He claimed that there was a secret ingredient, but that he would never tell what it was. No matter; the products of his genius had helped Thimble and the other Crafters of the Citadel outfit nearly all of their combatants in armor made from rare ores gathered near the contested Goldenhorn ore fields.
    All of that was about to change. The Trial of Valkyn, the All-Father, had begun. The forge still needed tending from time to time, but Thimble had several very eager apprentices who were now skilled enough to take on most of the work. Now Thimble would be able to spend more time in the Trial, to compete to earn tribute with He Who Sits Upon The Dragon Throne, Valkyn the Ancient. He would burn, tear apart, and shred the reanimated bodies inhabited by the crows of Balance, and he would help lead the forces of Corvus Citadel and the rest of Chaos to victory. That was his promise, to himself and to his Brothers and Sisters of the Citadel.
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    CursedReaper reacted to oneply in Grinding for Minors is the Worst idea!   
    What was the thought behind this? Or rather what is the goal? 
    Don't get me wrong, I don't mind making it more difficult than go smack an ore and craft on the spot but this change turns the game into even more of a PvE grind. 
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    CursedReaper reacted to Navystylz in So much for 24/7 testing   
    God's Reach is a glorified EK. With nodes that don't matter. And Warbands, which also are low ranks, in non-pvp areas where people can troll you by looting your kills.
    I really hope you guys don't expect us to sit in these things for long. Give us a real campaign.
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    CursedReaper reacted to pappy in So much for 24/7 testing   
    You can't attack the other factions in God's Reach? What's the point of factions then?
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    CursedReaper got a reaction from Thimble in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Region: NA Time Zone: PST Atmosphere : Social/ Role-play/ new player friendly.  Game has a very rich lore would love to find a guild just as driven to the story. Casual/Hardcore: Mix Focus: PvP Play-Style: Healer, DPS, Tank Faction: Currently NA Chaos Game Experience:  GW, GW2, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, FFXIV, WoW (all except recent expansion), Blade and Soul, BDO, Wild Star, Torchlight, Tibia, Runescape, SWOTR <- this is just covering MMORPGS/ Dungeon crawlers really.  Voice-Chat services: Discord. (can get others if requested) Languages: English Joined Corvus Citadel, for the Chaos Faction! we shall unlock the secrets for Mother Yaga.
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