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  1. Hey everyone! I've never been one to play MMO's but Crowfall just gained my attention for some reason, Even to this day I can't really tell what pulled me in but I've been following it for quite a while now and finialy decided to join in. The community thus far has been a great place, alot of people are actively trying to get more people to join up in groups, because a game is always better with friends. I hope to get along with all of you! If anyone ever wants a chat about whatever I'm your man. I hope to see you all on the battlefield! -Snorlaire
  2. The only joinable server I can see is hosted in NA, Is this something on my end or are EU server just not online right now?
  3. Guild criteria: Region: EU Atmosphere: Looking for a guild eu preferred with friendly ppl and a nice atmosphere Size:Preferably Small and medium, I'm not a big fan of being part of massive groups, I'd like to know the people I'm playing with. Play-Style: Havent really played alot of mmo's, So I'm still trying to figure out the playstyle i prefer. Commitment: I'm trying to learn this game, I'm definitly willing to put more hours in if I find a group I like playing with. Voice: I mainly use discord, but I'm willing to use whatever. Personal: Name: Snorlaire, but feel free to call me Max. Age: 18 Languages: Dutch and English.
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