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  1. You aren't wrong regarding stats but minotaur certainly isn't that meh in my opinion. At least when it comes to next patch I think they are relatively competitive. When it comes to stats, sure they have less base stats than both half-giant and stoneborn but they do have a a higher DEX cap and an equal CON cap meaning that later into campaigns it is entirely possible they will out stat those two races. They have a lower SPR cap which doesn't really matter that much and a basically equal STR cap. On top of that, they have the only mobility racial skill out of those 3 races along with their Bloodthirst which is, imo, an underutilized defensive. They also have the frontal stun immunity which can provide some higher skill ceiling gameplay and the passive res all which isn't to be underestimated in terms of stats seeing as 1 DEX is equal .01% res all iirc. It really just comes down to personal preference in the end I think. I generally prefer to have mobility and as such Minotaur gains some strength in my book.
  2. I wouldn't say Crowfall has deep character building at the moment though it certainly has the illusion of it. There are a lot of stats but ultimately not many of them are super impactful in the build creation for a character. Its pretty straight forward for most of the classes in the game. More unique stats, disciplines, advantages and disadvantages, abilities, and class reworks would go a long way to helping CF combat
  3. i love making classes choose between survival abilities and dodge. the game needs more hard choices like that imo, especially when every class already has such broad access to almost all power types.
  4. and? i enjoy this name so i have no regrets but i get why you would be asking that
  5. I really don't think badge stats should be removed. And like Pope said above, anyone who is going to make a huge deal about the badges wouldn't have stayed with the game anyways.
  6. 100% agree with these things. I don't actually know why healers don't have heal combos similar to CC and damage combos. One dimensional heals are boring and will continue to be boring whatever form they take.
  7. As far as I'm aware it does!
  8. I'm almost positive the only somewhat revealing female armor is wood elf leather? Did you look at literally any other race?
  9. I mean you can give examples about what they should be doing or what you want them to be doing that they aren't rather than saying communication is bad with no evidence.
  10. Uhm...no? I mean, what examples can you provide of ACE not interacting with the community about?
  11. No, OP said they do a bad job on communication with the playerbase, very different that doing a bad job with online presence. ACE has mutltiple forms of communication that are very easy to find. Like Ble said; forums, twitch streams (which get posted to YouTube as well btw and saved as twitch videos if you miss them), newsletters, the unofficial discord, and emails. That is plenty of communication. Talking about online presence is a totally different thing and not something ACE is focusing on until later in development.
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