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  1. Looking to join a guild now the we have Dregs in testing and get some PvP in! Guild criteria: Region: NA (I'm in CST but available whenever) Atmosphere: Chill, active, serious when needed. Casual / Hardcore?: I'll be playing semi-hardcore most likely. Looking for good results in both group and personal gameplay. Size: Small to medium. Nothing too crazy big and nothing too crazy zerg based. Play Style: Generally a melee brawler. Playing champion and myrmidon most of the time. Commitment: Depends on the week, but will do whatever I can to get on during needed times. Miscellaneous: Like to try and min/max my performance, laid back player and I don't tend to get too intense about much, like to shoot the poorly made socks with good people. Experience: Multi-glad player in WoW from BC --> WoD. Legend rank GW2 player and some decent amount of time in WvW. Lots of other MMO experience sprinkled with some FPS like Overwatch and games like Smite. Voice chat services: Discord
  2. Why do we have cc promotions when retaliate is in the game? Do we have any info of retaliate changing or are cc specs just going to be doomed for eternity? Retaliate needs a fundamental change in how it works, even increasing the stamina cost won't effect much because of how many classes have stamina refund on retliate talents. Between c powers, retaliate, and stamina refund I think a serious rework on this specific part of combat is super necessary. Either a rework on how cc interacts within combat or just removing the cc promotion lines and replacing them with a different interesting promotion. I can barely stand PvP combat in this game because nothing really feels impactful and it feels even worse as a player that prefers to play control roles.
  3. I certainly think wartribes should only drop common wood so you can make green bandages with it without having to harvest down a bunch of trees. It's a bit cleaner of a implementation for PvP players who don't want to harvest. I don't think they should be dropping green or higher though for sure.
  4. I was testing out the ranger today and excited to mess around with my brigand build. Then I saw the traps and how they changed them. What even are these abominations? They're the size of guineceans and take what, 3+ seconds to arm? In what world do these even become remotely usable outside of pve farming and huge cluster brawls that you can't survive in anyways? I think these need a massive redesign and rework.
  5. Ultimately everyone is trying to rework the passive system into some huge character and account defining mechanic when the more I think about it....why shouldn't harvesting and crafting be more like combat. Why have combat players 90% effective without training and crafters/harvesters 10% effective without training. Seems like a huge disconnect in design goals. Maybe they should move crafting and harvesting power much more away from the passive system and let it be what it should be. Small incremental gains over time. Just let people be fine crafters and harvesters to begin with, just like everyone can be fine combatants to begin with. Then open up the skill trees with real depth and choice instead of boring flat stat gains needed to even be worth crafting stuff.
  6. @DocHollidaze where's that Pepperidge farm meme when we need it
  7. Also why is the Sentinel capstone only based on roots/stun while every other CC promotion gets its capstone on pretty much every CC. Seems so weird to me.
  8. I certainly don't want all 3 trees to be trained by everyone. In reality to be viable you need a guild, not a bunch of accounts. Obviously having multiple accounts makes you much more self sufficient but thats a different argument. To me, it seems the biggest problem for passive trees is the ramp up to being "useful". Disregarding the fact its a one time thing getting over the hump, it still feels awful. And if the devs are willing to sacrifice the few months it takes to be a solid crafter/harvester then its gonna be a rough launch. It It almost feels like to me like the crafting/fathering trees should be deeper and more specific with a much quicker ramp up to base ability. What happened to the idea of a crafter being the go to for weapon hilts, or the go to for armor rings or whatever. Last i checked the trees were just the highest level stats. I'd prefer to see more easily attainable base ability with much more specialization which would result in needing to make more connections between crafters for the best stuff.
  9. I always hoped the major disciplines were gameplay altering choices that you had to make. As it stands, they are just mediocre additions to a class. Imo a Myrm with runecaster and a Myrm with poisoner feel basically identical. Whether that is base classes offering too much, disciplines offering too little, or a combination of both I think there does need to be a pretty significant pass over all the systems. Classes, talents, and disciplines.
  10. I think this is where the game loses me within theorycrafting and character building. I can open the details panel and just imagine the cool things I could do looking at all the stats that are there...and then i see most of them are just bleh in practice because they are either exceptionally weak, non-impactful, or just straight up don't impact your character. they even nerfed power efficiency templar from the last time I played where taking the weapon finesse passive would let you cast some abilities with no pip cost. at least that was KINDA interesting and unique
  11. Currently slows and dazes are the strongest CC's in the game. I really was hoping for some retaliate changes in this patch but hopefully it gets looked at sooner than later because it currently invalidates most of the CC promotion lines. And if that's the case, why have CC promotion lines anyways.
  12. You aren't wrong regarding stats but minotaur certainly isn't that meh in my opinion. At least when it comes to next patch I think they are relatively competitive. When it comes to stats, sure they have less base stats than both half-giant and stoneborn but they do have a a higher DEX cap and an equal CON cap meaning that later into campaigns it is entirely possible they will out stat those two races. They have a lower SPR cap which doesn't really matter that much and a basically equal STR cap. On top of that, they have the only mobility racial skill out of those 3 races along with their Bloodthirst which is, imo, an underutilized defensive. They also have the frontal stun immunity which can provide some higher skill ceiling gameplay and the passive res all which isn't to be underestimated in terms of stats seeing as 1 DEX is equal .01% res all iirc. It really just comes down to personal preference in the end I think. I generally prefer to have mobility and as such Minotaur gains some strength in my book.
  13. I wouldn't say Crowfall has deep character building at the moment though it certainly has the illusion of it. There are a lot of stats but ultimately not many of them are super impactful in the build creation for a character. Its pretty straight forward for most of the classes in the game. More unique stats, disciplines, advantages and disadvantages, abilities, and class reworks would go a long way to helping CF combat
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