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  1. I wouldn't say Crowfall has deep character building at the moment though it certainly has the illusion of it. There are a lot of stats but ultimately not many of them are super impactful in the build creation for a character. Its pretty straight forward for most of the classes in the game. More unique stats, disciplines, advantages and disadvantages, abilities, and class reworks would go a long way to helping CF combat
  2. i love making classes choose between survival abilities and dodge. the game needs more hard choices like that imo, especially when every class already has such broad access to almost all power types.
  3. and? i enjoy this name so i have no regrets but i get why you would be asking that
  4. I really don't think badge stats should be removed. And like Pope said above, anyone who is going to make a huge deal about the badges wouldn't have stayed with the game anyways.
  5. 100% agree with these things. I don't actually know why healers don't have heal combos similar to CC and damage combos. One dimensional heals are boring and will continue to be boring whatever form they take.
  6. As far as I'm aware it does!
  7. I'm almost positive the only somewhat revealing female armor is wood elf leather? Did you look at literally any other race?
  8. I mean you can give examples about what they should be doing or what you want them to be doing that they aren't rather than saying communication is bad with no evidence.
  9. Uhm...no? I mean, what examples can you provide of ACE not interacting with the community about?
  10. No, OP said they do a bad job on communication with the playerbase, very different that doing a bad job with online presence. ACE has mutltiple forms of communication that are very easy to find. Like Ble said; forums, twitch streams (which get posted to YouTube as well btw and saved as twitch videos if you miss them), newsletters, the unofficial discord, and emails. That is plenty of communication. Talking about online presence is a totally different thing and not something ACE is focusing on until later in development.
  11. I'd like to see how censure works with the new character controller and with less lag/hitching before changing how it works. I really like the concept of how it works at the moment, it's super smooth in terms of adding it into combos. I think adding an extra step of ground targeting could just result in kind of a clunky spell when you are trying to make quick movement decisions.
  12. So...you just proved my point? That GW2 works how I suggested and not at all like how you suggested. It just stacks DoT's while keeping track of each DoT application instance. Which is what i suggested. Just allow multiple people to apply stacks without overriding other players. There are no levels to increase in intensity, it simply calculates the total damage of each individual instance. there are no added debuffs at stack levels, which was your suggestion no? Oh yes, it is. Again, no. You can literally apply a stack of bleeding with each auto when they crit. Or 10 stacks of burning with a torch ability with a 12s CD. Or 9 stacks of bleeding on a dagger ability with a 6 second CD. If anything it's the complete opposite. I've played GW2 at the top level since release, I would know...and it's possible because of the massive amount of condition cleanse within the game for it to act that way. Moving it over to Crowfall where the CD actually is hefty for DoT abilities, it makes more sense to allow uncapped player stacks, which frankly like I said won't reach any meaningful stack number without a specialized group which is easily countered, while keeping cleanses and dmg-immunes at a reasonable power level.
  13. I mean, it doesn't. Each condition effect applies it's own intensity independently from the others, with no added effects for certain stack "power" or quantity. GW2 just has no stack caps (well it's like 1500 caps) and each application adds onto previous applications from a single player. Other players adding onto the stack in no way changes anything aside from just increasing the number of individual stacks on a target, which means nothing. Players are just able to do their full damage without worrying about other players. I really don't see how it would kill someone without people being able to react. we have resistances to all DoT damage types, more than a few cleanses and damage type immures, plus ult powers. The only possible way that it would get out of hand is with a group fully built out to stack DoT's on someone, but guess what...just run like 2 field surgeons and you counter that group. Nothing about CF DoT damage changes with my suggestion except just unlocking stacks so you can have more than one DoT applier in a group. But w/e
  14. Not a huge fan of the idea. Creative for sure though. Just unlock DoT stack caps and it will be fine. GW2 had a very similar issue with people overriding each others DoTs and having single target stack caps. Let people stack severe above 1 and moderate above 3.
  15. Hmm another thread complaining about this. First, the ember/dust farming is almost definitely going to be changed since the whole community is pretty agreed on it. Not a very valid argument at the moment imo that God's Reach is bad. Second, the reason we dont have a campaign up is not because of your favorite word. JTodd gave multiple reasons in the live stream and news post. Educate yourself before complaining. Not to mention you can literally walk 2 zones over and be in a PvP zone. These posts are getting ridiculous imo.
  16. Quotes from JTodd: 1) "It's hard for me to build anticipation because there's no time in-between. So literally you don't even have a moment to watch me with my super bowl cup... ...so it kind of depresses the value of one of them when another one is immediately starting" 2) "We don't ever have the lick our wounds, prep for the next one, come up with a plan... ...there's no time to digest" 3) "I have no place for players to come in and consistently guarantee what their experience is going to be... ...and I happen to log in at 2:00 today and it happens to be winter, my experience is going to be pretty crappy." 4) "Let's say we have an update we need to make to the game which we do all the time right? We put up a new patch. Right now there is none times to put up a patch where it won't impact one of the running campaigns... ...so we have no good time right now to prop builds if we need to do something like that. So we have a solution that I think you guys will really really like, you'll have to wrap your head around it first, but when I think you do, I think you're gonna love it." Hmm...seems like pretty reasonable reasons to not roll straight into another campaign. It's almost like you can still play the same game, and if you're a new player as you claim you still can't even take full advantage of the higher nodes due to skill training. It's not about burn out, I never even said anything about burnout. It's simply for the reasons they said. The ember/dust issue is temporary and not part of my arguments. I already said I agree with that. It is a PvP game...that's why there are 2 PvP zones. The other zones are TRAINING AREAS so new players don't get wiped by roaming vets. Loot and farming issues are a completely different issue. If you want to PvP between CW's, go to the PvP zones. That's where you get the PvP you want. I'm playing a PvP game, i'm not "miffed" at the introduction of safe open world zones in meaningless (reward and victory wise) content areas...it makes sense to me for a number of reasons. And if you can't watch the livestream, guess what? There are VOD's of it you can easily watch. If you complain about something without taking the right steps to educate yourself first, your problem not anyone else's. I'm fine with feedback, it's a good thing. Complaining without educating is someone I am against. The devs have reasons for not having a CW up currently, that's just the reality. You can do everything you can do inside a CW inside God's Reach aside from high rank farming.
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