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  1. carrot dug many graves, he like this, body bits, soon carrot will have nice blue vassal and will go dig more graves in next big world. Some say carrot eat bits he dug from graves but this is not true.
  2. Wiping at this time without a HUGE content upgrade or big change in structure/rules would be a mistake. It's not about equality it's about testing and working out what works. Maybe by having a divergent range of skill levels will show up where some changes need to be made once the game goes beta.
  3. Decent CC is the answer to zerging . Unfortunately the CC in crowfall doesn't work in this way.
  4. some are cool but some are very imbalanced.
  5. as someone who only started the game a few months ago I disagree. I have had no problem finding productive things to do and participate in. If anything the issues are with the active lvling system not the passive one.
  6. Don't want to be to controversial but why lvl at all? Why cant we create fully grown chrs . Leveling and exping were an invention of original DnD and its now an artifact passed on from game to game. Crowfall as far as I can see has the objective of RvR,PvP.GvG etc not explore the ever changing word/complete quests raids etc. so let's ditch leveling and experience, enhance chr creation? If your trying to something different and unique then do it.
  7. I look forward to trying this out as the current sistem simply doesn't work. I would like to see a system developed that's based on preconditions rather than timed tho.
  8. I dont think its enough. I think another mechanism is needed. I do like the belt slot idea . A book that fills ( bit like another game ) with exp you can pass on to another vasel
  9. apologies I realised I posted this in the wrong forum should be in suggestions.
  10. My idea is that when you get to 30 you continue to gain exp. When a specific amount is reached either an item is generated or possible one is created by visiting a specific place. This item can then be crafted ( runecrafting, necromancy) into an high numbed sacrifice item that can be traded/ given to an alt to lvl them up. This would help lvling vassals especially if gold cant do it and add another interesting method of trade/crafting.
  11. I think currently there may be a gold shortage. Quite a few gold sinks but fewer drops. As gold is the commodity we use for trading it shouldn't be scarce or vendors will become useless. It certainly should not be more difficult to get than dust.
  12. noob question but since were on the topic and i cant find a fac how do you get new parcels ?
  13. was this originally written in green ink ?
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