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  1. My idea was one to do with community engagement for the Devs, who have been trying really hard to get people to tweet @ them with their #warstories tag. If they took the warstories and made them into small comic strips, say a page long, that'd give people some real incentive to send in their warstories. The comics wouldn't even need to be colourised or anything, just the fact that people are getting their stories posted on Crowfall's social media and having them turned into something that becomes a mainstay of the game will make people feel like they're contributing to the overall community, rather than just sending in bug reports and asking questions on livestreams. It'd give people an opportunity to have their tale immortalised in the archives of the crowfall universe/website. I understand the Devs are under a lot of stress with deadlines and the development of the game, but as a post launch activity, or even as a beta activity as a trial of the system, i feel it'd really have a positive effect on how the community interacts with the game as a whole.
  2. Why not just make each vessel type have a number of lives or times they can be ressurrected? It would mean that death was even more meaningful in the game, rather than just losing your items in your inventory and some durability on your gear? It would make people afraid of dying, which in a wargame like this is something that would be pretty good. Currently in any game there’s no fear of dying because you just respawn, but if you have a legendary vessel that has a likited number of lives then it would reward players who were exceptional at the game by letting them keep the vessels for immense amounts of time, while still keeping the necro economy thriving because people would die in every battle that’s fought. Someone has to win the fight. It also opens the possibility of armies or platoons surrendering in an attempt to keep their vessel’s life point counter in tact. Free could be five deaths, green could be seven, blue could be twelve, purple could be fifteen and orange could be 20 or 25 or something. i’m no game balancing expert, but with the vision of the game that ACE are trying to build, having a permadeath system makes sense to me if they did it right. I could be wrong, but this is just my opinion.
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