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  1. > The biggest problem I have with rangers right now is Gleeful Strike. Having to slot two class-based passives leaves only two (maximum) for discipline passives. Really ticks me off.  I also have Command, so I already have a passive tax. The Gleeful Strike requirement is not fun. I kinda want to try going for some power efficiency talents and maximum energy, then removing the passive. But frankly, the +% dmg bonus makes it a non-starter to take off.
  2. The 'Way of the Leader' passive must be equipped in *all* combat trays to have an effect. It seems If you are in a tray with it equipped and create a group you'll have the buff until you switch, then it will be gone permanently until the passive is in all trays. I observed this with my Ranger.
  3. General leveling feedback: Running out of essence before level 4 is pretty painful. Without having access to level 4's Sacrifice spell its possible to get oneself into a position where no abilities work and its unclear as to why. Archdruid specific feedback: When I got Blight, I had no idea that I also needed to craft/equip a Staff to be able to reasonably generate Orbs. Maybe a text tooltip on Blight or Archdruid itself to indicate Staff auto-attacks can generate orbs. Or a post-confirmation popup about the importance of switching weapons. I dunno.
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