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  1. Howdy folks This is just a suggestion, not a complaint. I understand that it should be more difficult to get disciplines for blue and up vessels, however it would be great if a vessel could use the disciplines one tier down (i.e. a purple vessel using blue disciplines). This would still keep a time sink involved, but let players with these vessels get into the fight sooner. Again, just a suggestion. Obviously we would still work towards better disciplines. Just help ease the time sink a little bit.
  2. I just want to multibox so I can pass materials from one account to the other. Given how the game is structured, I'll want one account for combat and another for crafting.
  3. Is it just me or are the recent changes throwing a monkey wrench into crafting? This should be cause for concern considering harvesting and crafting are such a cornerstone of this game. Can't get minor disciplines unless you're fighting warbands, but how in the hell are crafters supposed to start crafting without leveling first? Not every player has multiple accounts or even the time to level multiple characters? Personally some of the recent changes have bled a lot of fund out of the game. Hardly any of the people I usually play with even log on anymore because you're so focused on changing things that people could work with instead of fixing what is broken. I mean, why can't there be two sets of disciplines: one for crafting and one for combat? It's not like the person is able to do a whole lot crafting wise unless they build up their passive skills, however this way they can at least go out and fight and play the game. This will scare off newer players who are trying to learn. Heck, with intermediate gear, a new player can barely hold their own against R4's in the teen levels. They won't stand a chance against a warband, group or not. While yes, they will have to work at their characters, build up the resources and get better, I fear that the learning curve will be far too steep for anyone looking to get into this game. Want to make a hardcore game for hardcore players? Sure, fine. Do just that. I just hope that select group of players has enough cash to keep your servers afloat as many rookies give up in frustration and move on to another game. I don't want to see this happen. Over the last several months I've had great fun playing with my guild. Since April 2nd, many cannot even be bothered to log in because of the current state. Many are hoping that the 6.0 patch will make the game playable again. I can only hope for the same thing. Otherwise, not only will you scare off new players but you'll chase off the current players who have committed themselves to trying to make this game better. But hey, don't take my word for it. I've only been beta testing MMO's for the last twenty years. I've seen this mistake so many times it simply gobsmacks me. I know you have a vision, I respect that. But hold on to it too tightly and you could lose what you've sought to build. Start listening to the players, please.
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