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    5 minutes ago, Xarrayne said:

    Imports should probably have been 15 to accommodate those with more than 1 weapon, but as long as you can take all your gear in it's not that big of a loss; you're ready to fight, and all you really need to farm to sustain yourself throughout the campaign is food. If import was 15 and you need some materials saved from last CW you could still import a couple of stacks of mats per player in the guild, and that should suffice.

    Sure we can bring stacks in but it's rough on the crafters (who are also PvPers in smaller guilds). They just spend 80%+ of the last campaign stuck in the craft shack gearing everyone up. Now they have to do it again? At some point they'd like to actually play the game. Like I said I have no issue with the imports if the previous campaign wasn't what it was. 

  2. Keeping in mind I died in this video and this is just like, my opinion, man. I think the ballsplosions are a terrible mechanic as they are now. You can die through walls, half the time they don't show up, and if you have a friendly druid near you it's nearly impossible to tell which are friendly. Jecht had 20,000hp in this fight and got one shot.

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