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  1. And you didn't even post the orientation Dubs?
  2. You don't have to tell me that you're too inept at rational thought to recognize both the pros and cons of potential mechanics. You make that clear every time you post and insult the individual rather than debate the idea. But that's fine. Forum Warrioring was as much part of Shadowbane as anything else, so I don't mind picking you apart while I have adult conversations happen with other people. All game mechanics are artificial. It's simply a question of whether they're more beneficial than harmful to the goals of a game. I didn't come in here declaring that this was the best ide
  3. Shadowbane, from live through the emulator afterward, so... about 7-8 years? Guild Wars 2. Archeage. I could throw in pretty much every game I've played since PvP MMO's are my genre of choice, but given recent topics on the forums those are the most relevant three. Really though, the Shadowbane experience is the most relevant one here. Two sided server wars were the predecessor to many servers shutting down and a lot of player burnout. They weren't as fun as the guild vs guild fights of give or take similar numbers. However, I wasn't looking to prevent large guilds from forming or even sto
  4. I didn't see you offering anything to counter the logic used there. You just seem to vomit your emotions and feelings all over a topic which is... well, you just keep being you princess.
  5. 1: Because at a certain point you're running with so many people that they might as well not be people anymore. You can't get to know them all, or coach them all, or organize them to a more than basic level. In my experience that starts to happen around the 80ish marker. Could be more or less depending on the guild, but it definitely happens well before say... 200. 2: I did list numbers up there.
  6. That depends on the moisture of the road. Wetter ground can become more muddy which was kind of my thinking. I'm not fully sold on its implementation myself, but liked the thought of it dissuading the "Ball up in as big a clump as possible and CHARGE!" tactic.
  7. Alright... so let me start off by saying that I'm not sure if the coding to make something like this happen would be too intensive or not. If not though, then I think that this would be a way to encourage larger guilds to not clump together as much. What if, for every section of ground an individual walked over, it was tracked in a sort of broad sense. Like invisible footprints, but over a wider area of ground. If one person walks over that path that's fine. Hell, maybe nothing happens if 30 people from the same guild walk over that spot. But once a force of say... 50 of the same guild cov
  8. This argument is based on the assumption that (1) combat is static e.g. in one place It is not. It is based on the larger group controlling the point of combat. It does not need to be in a static location. In fact, it is very likely that the location would be on the move forward toward the smaller group, which would still be ground that the larger force would control. The only way this would not apply is if the force could be driven back. While it is not impossible for a smaller force to beat a larger one, it is rarely done by standing toe to toe with them and beating them back. (2) a ver
  9. Do you have a link? I'm curious myself.
  10. Take a Nightstalker from Shadowbane. I knew what the classes spells and powers were, so when I approached him on my Thief I could have an idea of if that fight was winnable or not, but due to variations in builds (which this game is supposedly replicating) there was still a lot in the air. Were they a dex based/defensive Nightstalker that would require me to up my attack rating to be able to hit them? A dodge/resist build which meant that I needed to hit as fast as possible to get past their dodge and maybe kite out their active dodge? Were they unarmed, a blade master, or a crossbow wielder w
  11. The cornerstone of my stance against them is that downed states inherently work at the point of combat. No matter what other limiting factors you surround them with, and I agree that they can be interesting, the only people getting rezzes will be the ones controlling the battlefield/point of combat. Those are the people that generally need them the least. Take that piece away and you get summoning in some fashion or form, which I'd enjoy if it's done well.
  12. They do this in MMO's sometimes. The "We're out of the box! We don't have any classes at all! If you want to wield an axe, just pick up an axe!" mantra. I guess it works for them, but to me there tends to be a lot more flavor and balance when the creators take the time to instill classes with weaknesses and strengths on their own and in relation to each other. It also helps out a lot for PvP games because you can look at a character and, after learning the game for a while, have an idea of their capabilities. It makes the later, more advanced fighting in the game a lot more strategic in my exp
  13. It will be proportionate since the point of re-entry is the summoner rather than the point of combat where it would be much more lopsided. Summoning is also more easily limited by other mechanics as it was in Shadowbane, like recast timer, interruptible cast, limited availability to the classes, and death shroud.
  14. It's not meant to. Unless it's an eSport, numerical disparities aren't going anywhere. You don't need to advantage them any more than the numbers they start out with do though, which is an excellent reason to not include something like downed state in a PvP game. Seriously, summoning is a much more even handed mechanic to achieve a similar result.
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