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    teerlys reacted to Toadwart in Item durability lost with death maybe too high?! - Solution   
    Games where you risk losing your entire inventory on death or where there is high item durability loss on death only work when gear/items are extremely easy to replace.
    That is not anywhere near what Crowfall is like currently.
    One of the main reasons that people left Shadowbane and never returned was that guilds (large groups) of people would spend a month+ gathering materials and crafting their strongholds/villages. It took alot of work and effort. Then some random guild would come by, lay siege to your stronghold and destroy everything you and your friends worked so hard to make.
    People often didnt rebuild, they said screw this crap, Id rather quit than go through all of that effort again, just to lose it to the next group of people to wander by. So they left Shadowbane and never returned.
    The same thing will happen in this game if gathering and crafting are too time consuming and too tedious.
    If the game revolves around losing your possessions repeatedly and often, those possessions better be damned easy to replace or Crowfall will be scrambling to replace its customers.
    I was there. It was sickening to see good friends leave in disgust. History repeats itself.
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    teerlys reacted to Venark in Item durability lost with death maybe too high?! - Solution   
    I'm already in a guild that works like that. We work together to farm and craft but the more people that are there to help means the more you still have to gear up. solo or in a group the time and effort required does not equal the speed in which the items are destroyed.
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    teerlys reacted to dubanka in Ordo Castum Carnifex (OCC)   
    Ordo Castum Carnifex (OCC) was created as a Temple lore pvp guild at the outset of Shadowbane's corruption server back in 2004 from a conglomeration of Mourning guilds (Tribunal, Vets of the Hi Watch, some UDL).  This group quickly got a lesson gun boat diplomacy as we watched its 6 weeks of server-up 'work' go up in flames during the infamous 2004 Thanksgiving Day Bane. Shortly thereafter the vast majority of the guild evaporated...the challenge set forth by Saint Malorn was just too much for them. So with a remaining membership of about 6 (from 70ish), and a change in leadership (those of us who were left kind of found ourselves in charge) we went about cleansing the world with our special kind of fiery love. From these humble beginnings we grew and prospered, having a relatively major presence on subsequent servers.
    And then Shadowbane died.
    And we were sad.
    And sadly nothing that has come to market since has brought the same experience...and while we've been active in most of the major releases....When you're used to fighting for your collective virtual existence, everything else just seems kind of tedious and pointless.
    Looking forward to crowfall...While it is still uncertain if we will try to take on some level of 'lore-play'...Probably likely, if for no other reason than it makes things a bit more entertaining...too much is currently unknown to really make a commitment there.
    We will be taking on folks as testing progresses. 
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    teerlys reacted to daworf in Will This Be The Theif? Stealing Please.   
    No, if I steal and get away with it then I am a good thief.
    Justice should be served by the playerbase not an in-game mechanic.
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    teerlys got a reaction from betaguy in [-W-] Winterblades: Original thread   
    Teer's Recall Services are always happy to provide their services to Winterblades. 
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    teerlys got a reaction from JamesGoblin in [-W-] Winterblades: Original thread   
    Teer's Recall Services are always happy to provide their services to Winterblades. 
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    teerlys reacted to Phylor.the.Jester in Front Lines (or lack thereof)   
    I definitely agree that basic attacks should allow movement. I am ok with certain abilities requiring you to stop though. There is a nice balance to be found with that.
    I do think there could be a bit more CC with some beefed up support response to said CCs. Probably don't want to beef it up too much until things are a bit more organized though.
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    teerlys reacted to Angelmar in Front Lines (or lack thereof)   
    The CF combat model is a lot of swirling chaos. We saw it in the hungerdome with movement being a huge damage mitigatior and we see it now Siege Perilous only it is compounded by the number of bodies on the field. This becomes a problem when conflict is over destructible objectives.
    Knights run around with impunity in the opposing sides backlines, more or less becoming a single target DoT and damage debuff, to an enemy Ranger or Confessor. Knights, having low dps, ridiculous damage mitigation, and take too long to kill so are essentially ignored. You heal your ranged DPS through it and try to peel a knight off when hes in danger of actually making a kill.
    Legos and Fessors, due to their mobility can also dive in and out of the enemy and get away most of the time. This creates a situation where combat that is objective based.... destroy the catapults, banetree or destroy the caravan... strategic players just ignore the incoming damage or mitigate it. This issue was sufficiently problematic that ACE had to put massive static snares around the ToL/Banetrees in order to prevent rampant abuse.
    However, this is a larger problem that goes beyond just these static objectives and the root of it, IMO, is the lack of effective CC. There is nothing to punish a player, on most classes, from overextending himself--there is no 9 second stun and 50% snare waiting to cut the player off from his support. (Note: In SB, there were long stuns, snares and roots, but there were also support classes that could immediately break/remove all of these effects--cooperation and organization were a necessity.)
    Maybe ACE is going to add some real (e.g. not 1 to 2 second) stuns and snares in with other archetypes, or maybe this isnt viewed as a problem. I would be curious to find if these is an issue that strikes others as a flaw in the combat model.... until then we will just continue to abuse the movement system to destroy objectives and worry about the actual pvp combat afterward.
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    teerlys got a reaction from ledeir in Slowing the Horde   
    That depends on the moisture of the road. Wetter ground can become more muddy which was kind of my thinking. I'm not fully sold on its implementation myself, but liked the thought of it dissuading the "Ball up in as big a clump as possible and CHARGE!" tactic.
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    teerlys got a reaction from baerin in Slowing the Horde   
    That depends on the moisture of the road. Wetter ground can become more muddy which was kind of my thinking. I'm not fully sold on its implementation myself, but liked the thought of it dissuading the "Ball up in as big a clump as possible and CHARGE!" tactic.
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    teerlys reacted to KRIPTIK in Reconsider Your Position On Incap/down States   
    @OP hate the idea. If your not good enough to not suck the 1st life. NO ONE SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF HANDHOLDING for the bad players. Death is THE penalty in this game. Why would any hardcore pvpers want to soften that up? ..........oh wait......NVM I forgot I was on official with the cheerleaders and the wizkids. Maybe in your Barbie castle you can duel other crap players and have downed states so the carebears don't cry when they lose.
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    teerlys got a reaction from jugglers in Archetype - Aracoix   
    I'm not the OP, but people were looking for a thief to be implemented in some way. A flier would make sense for that kind of role.
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    teerlys got a reaction from Crossiki in Voider - Open Archetype   
    Take a Nightstalker from Shadowbane. I knew what the classes spells and powers were, so when I approached him on my Thief I could have an idea of if that fight was winnable or not, but due to variations in builds (which this game is supposedly replicating) there was still a lot in the air. Were they a dex based/defensive Nightstalker that would require me to up my attack rating to be able to hit them? A dodge/resist build which meant that I needed to hit as fast as possible to get past their dodge and maybe kite out their active dodge? Were they unarmed, a blade master, or a crossbow wielder which would grossly change my approach. Did they use health drain procs so their health would drastically increase, or mentalist procs so that 40% of my health might disappear in an animation? Are they the kind of player that will spam their dispell debuff every time any debuff is up, so I can trick them into burning out their mana pool? If I was proccing, did they have a buff that prevented my health drain procs from working on them? Did they handle their weapon powers wisely? Did they stance dance, and if so what were their patterns so I could counter? Etc.
    So because of variations on the builds, you got enough knowledge of what the class could be to spend some time strategizing beforehand, but also enough mystery about each encounter that you still had to learn the other person's build and play style. 
    And that's just in a 1-1 scenario. Looking at it from a position of reading an intel report on what the enemy group has class wise is a major fun factor in determining the strategies that you'd want to use in a particular fight. You guess at how they'll use their classes and plan counters ahead of time, but then the actual fight hits and tactics have to rapidly shift to react. You just don't get that kind of experience with a report of "Yup... there's about 30 of them." There's not much you can plan for there, therefore a lot less overall strategy.
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    teerlys got a reaction from courant101 in Crowfall on Vine.co   
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    teerlys reacted to courant101 in Crowfall on Vine.co   
    Vine.co allows people to post short clips (7 seconds or less) that can be shared in one click on Facebook and Twitter.
    Example with a World of Warcraft page :

    Could be interesting to have a page for Crowfall where developers post vines of gameplay, development or random stuff happening in the studio.
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    teerlys reacted to Arkade in (Another) Captive System   
    I'm no game designer, but I know what I hate, and I hate this idea.
    If you think those quests would take less time than waiting, I can't imagine how long someone would have to wait for. Sitting around and doing nothing, or doing forced labor, for an hour or more would end in a lot of rage quits.
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    teerlys reacted to VIKINGNAIL in Reconsider Your Position On Incap/down States   
    There's a reason gw2 has a downed state, and it isn't because it is a hardcore game that's for sure.
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    teerlys reacted to LGAllastair in Reconsider Your Position On Incap/down States   
    I find your personal attacks and assumptions that you know me based on the posts I made here kind of hilarious. I am advocating for the more hardcore option, you take damage, you die and you can get looted. If any of the options should be more scary in a video game, this is it. The downed state on the other hand gives you more chances, it is less "less scary" in all senses. You die but someone could still resurrect you, or not. So yeah, nice try.
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    teerlys reacted to HyperStan in (Another) Captive System   
    This sounds super fun for the victor but super boring for the prisoner
    if i just want to play a game for the pvp i dont wan to use half my time cleaning someones toilet because i got flanked and i sacrifized myself as the tank
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    teerlys reacted to Dondagora in Reconsider Your Position On Incap/down States   
    To the first point, there are two kinds of ways to wage war according to Sun Tzu, direct and indirect. Direct is simply head on clashing with an opponent. Indirect is alternative warfare to weaken the enemy and gain advantage. Downed states, I believe, will significantly weaken the influence of indirect warfare such as guerrilla tactics.
    That said, the main point is casualties in combat. Large armies facing small armies still suffer casualties, but downed state tends to keep large zergs in a perpetual state of barely-alive front lines. 
    Now, I am not saying zergs won't be effective or that they won't still be present, I am however stating that downed state helps zergs more, proportionally [meaning the ratio of risk:reward is skewed], than smaller groups. I am of this opinion because of the fact that it seems spawn will not be accompanied by some form of fast-travel, thus making death time consuming. This, together with hunger/limited resources, creates the possibility of wearing down zergs through battles of attrition rather than might.
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    teerlys reacted to LGAllastair in Reconsider Your Position On Incap/down States   
    So basically, downed states can work if:
     - They are not practical or easy to do.
     - Trying to revive someone is punishing so people wouldn't do it much. Or even if they did it, have a debuff that makes the downed player think about taking the res, as it could be a disadvantage.
     - Target that is downed can't be immune to regular damage, it still dies if hit.
    Do you see how in order to make a downed state work you practically have to make it identical to out of combat resurrection? If you add to it you can make it like GW2 (too easy to do, too forgiving, enables massive undying zergs), if you remove from the mechanic it disappears and becomes regular resurection.. It's just not practical, it's unnecessary.
    We can have all the decision making progress of offensive and defensive gameplay with or without a downed state. But when we don't have it the call of when to push back and when to peel and play defensively comes from player skill and experience alone. You look at the battlefield, you realize that you can't keep on charging because your're playing the enemy's game, you CC, turn around, use a escape mechanic, force the enemy to adapt. All the downed state does is send that message to the players more clearly. When people start getting downed then people go "oh poorly made socks, better peel some and resurrect him then go defensive" when in fact a good group would have noticed the need to do that BEFORE someone died, which is real skill and active team coordination.
    You claim that when a smaller team is fighting a zerg they can use the downed state of the people they killed to shift the gameplay of the zerg, but they can't! If the enemy outbumbers the other it means he can indeedafford to NOT resurrect a fallen ally and keep pushing the smaller team, leaving it for those who come right behind to do it when it is safe. This is a luxury smaller teams can't afford because they don't control the battlefield in most scenarios, they have to rely on defensive game play and guerrilla tactics. And those tactics pretty much don't work if the targets that the smaller team kills don't stay dead.
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    teerlys reacted to Dondagora in Reconsider Your Position On Incap/down States   
    So, I agree that normal downed states will tend to benefit mainly zergs and thus produce nothing good.
    Maybe a Discipline which offers something like a downed state, at most.
    I say, if you die, that's your own fault. Downed states where everyone can heal you means a large group never dying. Downed states in which only healers can heal you is simply an extension of your normal HP, in which case just increase the HP pool in general. Downed state in which only killing an enemy heals/revives you is stupid because it makes no sense.
    That is, however, just my humble opinion. 
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    teerlys reacted to Dondagora in Reconsider Your Position On Incap/down States   
    Zergs benefitting from downed state doesn't need to be proven, it's a well known fact.
    Your argument does not state that this fact is wrong, only that it does not only benefit zergs.
    Thus the burden of proof falls upon you, Qbs, as you are attempting to prove something which is not established. A critic need not prove his cynicism, but a scientist must prove his findings.
    To your point, you state that a zerg of 100 won't be beaten by a group of 20 organized, but a slightly smaller, let's say 50+, group can despite or by taking advantage of the downed state on the enemy team. This is true. However, this statement simply proves further that downed states do not benefit small groups below the "zerg threshold". 
    However, I can just as easily state a new scenario the same as yours. A small group of 20 people are taking on a group of 100. Instead of attacking head on, this small group hits the zerg at the sides and back before retreating, moving, and repeating. Because of instadeath and no downed state, this tactic works and the large group of 100 is steadily weakened through guerrilla tactics.
    In which case, if we can accept your scenario as proof that downed mechanics can indeed be taken advantage of when two groups of similar sizes face each other, we can accept this scenario of mine as evidence, or perhaps a simulation, that no downed state evens the playing field more between small and large groups.
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    teerlys got a reaction from Dondagora in Reconsider Your Position On Incap/down States   
    Those items are rewards for controlling the field. Downed state assists with controlling the field.
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    teerlys reacted to yamix in Mega Server for Mega Guilds?   
    Seems like part of fixing this would be to make the reward split between all players of the winning team.  The more players, the less each gets.  Artifacts burn out faster if there are more players affected.  Binding to a base increases the upkeep in a CW (exponential).  
    Then, make worlds with high population that give a reward per player (rather than a split) and are less penalizing to size.  Bigger guilds, in theory, may naturally move to these realms.   The ability to have rulesets gives a lot of options for combating some of these problems.
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