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  1. For organized group PvP, I usually have a ranger in my group with Escape Artist. I like Illusionist for the combo passives Phantom Feints and Hot Foot. Glamour Weapon is nice if you aren't at the attack power cap. I believe true damage is our basic attacks. I find that a lot of my damage is from basic attacking and applying Hot Foot is easy for the Slayer. I find success ganking on the backline, picking off people falling behind, and playing around my zerg. I think the Slayer's mobility and stealth gives a lot of flexibility on where you play in group PvP.
  2. Slayer is incredibly satisfying to play right now. You can run around the world and solo gank successfully, and Slayer is very viable in group PvP with good damage and mobility with some utility CC.
  3. Yes my play style is very gank oriented, and I try to stay out of the middle of the zerg in large scale PvP. With that said, I do find that Escape Artist is a popular rune, and the main benefit is the group CC immunity for 5s (Free Action) which I can reap the benefits of without needing to slot it. One of the best parts about Plague Lord is Festering Wounds which gives you a way to apply Exposed to your target without stealth. It relies on healing being triggered on them, but I find that happens more often than not.
  4. I run Illusionist and Plague Lord at the moment. I think Escape Artist is great and running it wouldn't be a mistake, but in my experience, I don't find it mandatory.
  5. I think a hunger dome would be a great temporary solution. I was excited for the new campaign, but I find myself logging in less and less.
  6. A little late, but I generally agree with what Puffs has said excluding this. At first, I thought Escape Artist would be a requirement, but I find myself able to kite most classes without it. I replaced Escape Artist with Plague Lord as I struggle to take down healers. The range on the Plague Lord abilities fits well with the Slayer's range.
  7. This succinctly conveys what I think the point of this thread should be. I bought into this game for hardcore PvP, and in its current pre-alpha state, very few incentives exist to PvP. The only hardcore aspect of the game, right now, is how long it takes to craft and grind materials. Right now, part of that time is waiting for your passive skill to reach a certain level. I think this game badly needs more incentives to PvP, and I think the upcoming embargo changes are a step in the right direction. However, I still think this game needs a progression system related to PvP that has a meaningful impact. I still feel optimistic about this game, but in its current state, it's not a PvP game.
  8. Even though this thread has devolved into arguments over population imbalance and who is the best at pre alpha, I really agree with ferrat. This is a PvP game with no progression built into PvP. Progression comes either from passive skills or PvE, and to craft decent gear, you have to reach a certain level of passives. This game needs some type of progression system built into PvP. From my perspective, passives need to be less impactful, removed, or this game needs a progression system similar to SWG before the "New Game Experience" http://www.mythor.net/blog/2011/12/star-wars-galaxies-best-skill-system-ever/ Tying PvP skill progression to PvPing would provide incentive to PvP. Reward players who put in the time with advantages but don't make those advantages so impactful that they feel required. Currently, the crafting and gathering passive skills feel required to produce decent quality gear.
  9. I think Slayer is in the best state right now (the ranged double pistol build). I got everything in the slayer tree.
  10. The camera angle is definitely the worst thing about the class right now. I hope they add the ability to customize the camera more.
  11. It's definitely not slayer duelist. You shouldn't play that.
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