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  1. Region: NA Time Zone: CST Atmosphere : I'd prefer the guild who plays the game often just so I have people to regularly play the game with. I'd prefer active PvP/siege guild. Casual/Hardcore: I'd prefer a hardcore guild, I'd like to help the guild in any way I can to be successful. Focus: Improving at the game and helping my guild/faction in any way possible. Play-Style: I can play any class, I like to min/max most classes I play, so any class I choose I will do my research. Most mmos I heal, however currently I am a level 30 ranger, willing to switch to what guild/faction needs. Faction: I am with Chaos, can switch if needed. Game Experience: I've played WoW since burning crusade. I have many years of raiding experience, including mythic raiding in current expansion. I've played a few shooters as well like counter strike and apex legends. Voice-Chat services: Discord or whatever the guild uses. Extra: I'm still relatively new, but a quick learner and I plan to main either my level 30 ranger or a level 30 cleric. I might switch up classes but it will likely be one of these 2.
  2. Thanks for letting me know. Can you tell me what seems to do well damage wise at max level? I'm looking for something that can cause a lot of single target damage. I wouldnt be oppsed to a good AoE class either for the right scenarios.
  3. Hey, Im level 21 and have competely stacked my dexterity trait. I know strength affects the final damage modifier, but how much does that affect a rangers overall damage? And how does it compare to attack power?
  4. Hey is the Brigand the Duelist? I was looking at class creation and didn't see the brigand class. I'm new, but looking for a solid damage hunter type class.
  5. Hello, I'm still relatively new to the game. Still figuring everything out. I made a mistake in my skill tree. Is there a way to reset or should I just make a new character? Also I'm curious once max level how many points do you have to spend/how many points have you spent?
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