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  1. Yeah I am on the 2nd part of the harvesting tree. I am halfway through runemaking on my crafting tree and I am starting to see a difference in the tools I am making. I tried to go out and do gravestones and found rank 9's and could not get anything on those and I know the campaigns are the only place to grave dig so it was the first time it's been a problem in my 2 weeks of playing.
  2. I appreciate the help in advance. I try to avoid asking questions here, but I have not found an answer anywhere. How does the ranking work with harvesting? I notice that as a level 25 I struggle with rank 8's and simply cannot get anything out of those ranks higher (9's and 10's in the campaigns).
  3. I know about the 12 items. My bags have a pick, a axe, and a shovel. I have no armor or weapons equipped and I still cannot enter a campaign. Any other reasons, despite it telling me I have too many items to import?
  4. Very good to know. My daughter has a few chaos embes and was looking to trade them for the foreman disc, but I told her she might want to wait or try to get it on her own. Being noobs I was worried she might get taken advantage of.
  5. Really appreciate it. Saving this post and the one you linked. My daughter and I are out and about collecting and leveling and just trying to grasp everything. So far fun and the crafting is phenomenal, but a steep learning curve, but interesting.
  6. Relatively new player for about 3 weeks or so. Getting halfway through my first crafting profession in the tree, but not seeing any options to craft anything beyond common items. Even when I use higher tiered materials, most of my items still come out as common. Is it just more points into the tree or what to move beyond common items or am I missing something else? (I have added disciplines as well for my chosen crafting which is runemaking. Thanks.
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