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  1. I see many here who think "those who are unhappy must be the ones that want quest, tab target or PvE/raid/Instance. It is quite opposite. Action aim target game is a lot more common than you think. Over 40 million plays Overwatch. When you create a action target game it needs to meet certain criteria. When it feels floaty, FPS drop, giant hit boxes, half the screen is covered with UI then it deserve to criticized.. UI is as important as combat because you spend more time dealing with UI than actual combat. For me the criteria of success of a game is simple. Is it your main
  2. Kira summarized the issue with this game very well. The game is in a tough spot it its current state and vision. Unfortunately a "fix" is not easy at this point.
  3. Exactly, and the main reason I have lost interest. The cons are pretty accurate in terms of game feeling bland, easy AI and clunky pace of due to UI, looting, etc. I stop making suggestions as the feedback is all these are not priority, this is alpha, game is not for everyone, etc.
  4. New World delayed till Spring 2021 https://www.pcgamer.com/new-world-amazons-upcoming-mmo-has-been-delayed-again/
  5. The quest prompt from Guiseppe appeared in Character selection scree BEFORE entering the world. This form the live version of the game as of yesterday. If it happens again I will screenshot and document the steps to reproduce.
  6. I don't understand the direction of the economy. A MMO with near 400,000 players signed up will not scale in its current form. A good working economy is the one with maximum player participation, easy to buy/sell and very high transaction volume. Neither of this will happen with player vendor or "private" vendor in EK. Look at all large successful games like EVE Online GW2 WoW RS and what do they have in common? A market place/auction house/grand exchange yet it doesn't take away from the social aspect of the game. It will be a shame that such rich
  7. If you are in group do you get quest credit? That can ease the launch concerns.
  8. I understand it divides up the active player base. The intention is to move patches to live ASAP. However there is a population in live that expects stability. The 5.11 was such a big patch that they wanted to start the some testing sooner on selected areas instead of waiting for the patch to be stable to be live ready. Expect future 5.11.x patches to be in test in a much shorter period before they are deployed to live. I mostly play in Live and I would not want these changes in Live until they are proven stable in test. It is totally normal to use multiple Test servers in the softwa
  9. It is a bug. Most people will just click the green button and will not know that they should have waited for 5 min.
  10. There is an alternative to the standard "WASD" mapping gamer uses. You can read all about it in https://voltcave.com/esdf/ . It is great for those that are "typist". Please add "ESDF" preset along with current "WASD" preset. Good news is I played with the default mapping and it is very easy to change it from "WASD" to "ESDF" mapping. Change following binds first in order "Combo" from "E" → "R" "Retaliate" from "R" → "T" "Interact (Secondary)" → "H" "Interact Main" "F" → "G" Now bind the movement keys in order Move Forward" "W" → "E" "
  11. In UI design you want to reserve the same spot to display same info. This help people train their eyes. What needs to happen here is if attribute doesn't exists, they need keep it blank and not shift.
  12. The placement of attributes are not consistent. For example the Cool Down, type of spell, time indicator are in different locations. The problem seems to be that some spell doesn't have certain attributes and it cause the next attribute to shift.
  13. Game launcher not updating Game client. The bug is very frustrating because the work around for me is to do a complete repair which an takes an hour at least and not to mentioned bandwidth. consumed.
  14. Would love the launcher to support multiple account so it requires less typing
  15. Known bug. You have to do full repair.
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