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  1. I am overwhelm with recent trends in graphics effect in most other mmo specifically those originated in Asia (Terra, Black Desert, etc) and even retail wow . This include over exaggerated and intense flashes, sparks, particle effects to a point where it becomes very hard to follow the combat, and not to mention my eyes start hurting. Every unnecessary eye candy is traded for system performance and imo not worth it. Good thing is I don't get overwhelm with current implementation of Crowfall. I plea with the artist to improve the scenery but not to overtune the graphics effect related to char abilities. BTW I play a game called Mordhau that has very little gfx but still very enjoyable.
  2. Darkfall Rise of Agon went free2play freemium model. There has been many patches and changes include major changes to how alignment and full loot works. Patch notes and time line in https://www.riseofagon.com/game/development/patch-timeline-and-notes/
  3. A better solution is have the game detect number of players in particular area that are engaged in pve and game can dynamically adjust mobs/resources etc.
  4. Thank you so much. Yes the item was covered and moving the Window solved it. I am assuming this is a known issue and no need to report it as a bug?
  5. I did google and Youtube and learned that I have to get a pig saddle. However I am neither able to craft it in workstation (nothing under survival) nor do I see it listed in any NPC vendor in the temple. Do I need to put points into craft to be able to craft it? If so which tree? If it is available from NPC then where exactly is this NPC? Is it possible this is has been disabled for new account/new char in current live patch?
  6. Agree just because loot now flies randomly on the ground and ninajable doesn't mean they need to counter that with instanced loot. A simple 30 sec lock timer is enough for same faction/party member. The loot is distributed this way to counter bots but I don't think current method will be effective enough. All bot needs to do is run in circle after click and it will pick most off the items anyway.
  7. Any plans to have a mobile app that can show in faction scores, siege timer, and other KPIs etc?
  8. Current single item looting by clicking is a major turn off given how many items we loot per session.. It doesn't nothing useful to fight bots, but contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome 😞
  9. This is subjective and might be a bit early being alpha but nevertheless based on your current playing experience what particular things about CF that is brings you back on every patch? What gives you the ich to login in the morning and play and wish you can miss work 🙂 . I am waiting for the next CF patch to jump in and check things out. Here are some games of other genres I played how they kept me addicted for months if not years. Ark/Rust : Base building, Sandbox WoW Vanilla/Secret World : Char progression, raid, dungeon, loot, grinding, Questing. Darkfall/Mortal Online : Honing my skill based PvP, conquest, sieges Overwatch: Great stress reliever for busy day. I can feel that I can make a difference in out come of a fight.
  10. This bigger issue is how quickly can new player adopt the this game and start being productive will determine the success. Attention span of our new generation is 10 min max 🙂 . RTFM is very 90s majority are now used to twitter 160 char long reading lol. I am hoping before launch some quality video will be published by the company and community. These should NOT be about how to pick race/class or first few hours of newbie life. Rather give new players a bigger picture so they can prepare and make decisions. Many games that lazily outsourced/dependent on "guilds to take care of the new player experience" failed. I personally don't like these different worlds and mode and would rather have 1 world for consistency. However that has been tried before in other games and didn't work. I am keeping open mind on this new mechanism of CF that has not been tried before and see.
  11. Instanced and individualized loot takes away from a group based game. Hopefully we won't see this in CF. It doesn't fit in t his game.
  12. Where are the key binds stored in the PC? Is it a text / YML file I can copy to a new computer?
  13. I understand this is ultimately a tribal warfare game and a clan is a must for end game. However without joining an organized clan, how much can a char or a group of friends advance? Are there market place / auction houses to fill the void? Does the mobs drop inferior quality (vs crafted) items?
  14. Dev, This bug is griefing me. Basically if someone is in combat mode and tries to change key bind the left mouse button gets assigned automatically. There is no way to reset this beside reset the whole keybind to default 😞 By default left mouse click be one of the reserved to prevent this. There needs to be a toggle "left hand player / right hand player" if left hand players needs to change "left mouse click" Why are the config files in C:\Users\myuserid\Documents\Art+Craft\Crowfall\*.cfg not text?
  15. Found a clan thanks LFG Basic Info Region: NA Texas Faction : Currently in Chaos Play Style: Everything but love organized events be it PvE/PvP Atmosphere : Active and mature Age: Not exactly a spring chicken anymore 😞 Got some grey hairs... Previous MMO: Everything starting at EverQuest Last MMO: Darkfall Passion: coding Voice: Only Discord Misc: This is a game. This is a video game. If you rage when PvP goes bad then I am probably not a good fit for your. At the same time I am willing to practice and get better. I am not afraid of loosing pixels. I grew up in PK type game 🙂
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