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    were you guys there all day?
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    Following finishing up at the wartribe camps I ventured to the valley of trepidation to meet fellow guild members farming efficiently naked an under leveled on r9 undeads. As I leaped off the massive cliff to join my comrades I landed quite hard, to the effect of 3k damage.
    Unknowingly did I know that 2 stealth balance was waiting for me to take the hit and quickly engaged me from behind. As I ran to catch up with the group, I managed to make it just close enough for the 2 balance to realize they have made a big mistake.
    As my 5 naked fellow guild members using sticks an stones turned on phr00t an friend to defend my honor.
    With level disadvantage and wooden weapons at there disposal they fought fiercely against the 2 opportunistic adversaries, one by one the sticks from my fellow guild members started to break. With a last ditch effort the chaos guildees was losing hope, they decided to go bare knuckles and finished what they had started. Disposing of phr00t and BenQ. With broken wooden weapons in hand and tattered naked tunics they walked with their heads held high this day. 
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