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  1. Myrmidon is locked to 1h dual wield, well ofc you could equip shield bearer disciplin and wear a shield i guess. Not sure on the current state of shield bearer.
  2. I am asking for a devblog, more in depth patchnotes and more frequent and in depth communication from the devs. This is just the usual advertisement without any real info on anything.
  3. How are we supposed to have a healthy community? I got pretty good guild members that have played with me since we opened our guild on the start of the trials of illara, with dayli uptimes of everyone and everyone was very enthusiastic. The month started out with news from the devs about 5.9 being tested on testservers and we followed, gave the feedback that it's riddled with bugs and nobody ever thought this mess would be released to live servers. We were promised a mug for using the testservers and helping in ironing out the rough corners of the build and everyone thought "I can live with 5.8.6 until 5.9 is really ready and give my constructive feedback from the testservers". We were all ready to run on live and test on the testservers at the same time. Now we feel let down, we feel disappointed and now i will as the last online member in my guild shut down the lights because only the "inner test circle" gets news and we peasents have to endure a month of silence. Some sparse info about the embargo system does not change how left alone we feel. I am seeing games in alpha like fractured, seeing their detailed news on every patch, active community managers and i am thinking: "ACE you can do that to, your team is way bigger then 8 men?" This is not a rent anymore, this is just a sad story about players left in the dark cold night without any real direction or info on how things are going. As every last member of my guild said before they slowly one after another went into the Crowfall Break: "There is 0 fun left!"
  4. This just screams for a point farming exploit meta. But there is one minority that really needs to be tied in better, support classes on scores. But that's hard because you got so many self sufficent classes that can selfheal. There needs to be a really intelligent creative approache to tackle stuff like that.
  5. As far is i understood them in the last stream they had, banking is one of the things they are actually working on for some time.
  6. Also a fine thing would be: Bandages in stacks on the go.
  7. I tried to interrupt the crazy with my GRAVE BUDDY 5000 thread 🤣
  8. I can asure you that druid is maybe not the first class anyone should try atm solo as beginner. I was leveling for some tests a normal common druid this campaign and went into stormcaller. This ended in pure frustration, even R6-7 mobs with level 16-17 were hard to take down. Currently NPC's are spamming the new found abilities way to often without any cooldown and common vessels that every starter has are not prepaired for such bombardment of incoming knockdowns and damage. On the other hand the last uncommon champion i leveled had 0 of the above issues, i guess we just have to wait till the devs find the right balance for skills used by NPC's.
  9. As i was running down the planes of the Krim Kingdom, i thought to myself, with still swollen feet from the last hours of running in circles: "Dear boy, i would pay any price for a GRAVE BUDDY 5000 with integrated cup holder." Attention the following may contain Advertisement approved by your godly reseller! Get your new Grave Buddy 5000 today and find any Grave in the vicinity of a continent within shorter periods then you have ever before. Also included in the package, the all NEW and shiny CUP HOLDER for your tasty mead you just bought at the last inn. And don't forget to subscribe to the online course "How to use your GRAVEBUDDY 5000 on the field", which can be found under the section "Exploration, the wild and you"!
  10. The idea may be nice but cap times were decreased to numbers where you can capture under a minute with 2 people so i won't complain.
  11. The most funny part of all of this is that nobody ever mentions NA or EU. Some players that were adding up to the whole useless faction discussion are clearly EU and some are NA. Vote for EU/NA server flags on users because these kind of discussions will get even more out of hand in the coming month.
  12. 1) Axes + Maces 2) Plate only as Pit Fighter 3) You most likely use a Mace as Pitfighter because of the Bonus 4) Survivability on Pit Fighter is really well with close to 0 downtime when doing NPC's 5) PVP wise i am leaning more towards myrmidon in comparison
  13. Just wondering, where do you get such info from so fast? Official Discord?
  14. Do i miss something? I clearly downloaded a new patch and can't find any notes on it.
  15. I see myself already running forth and back between temple and the closest fort like a headless chicken because somebody wants soemthing and i need to get new mats.
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