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  1. The whole thread pretty much sums up why i will only join maps with disabled import after release. I don't like the idea at all that crafters can hide in temples and EK's.
  2. Really nice write up, have you ever thought of going the wiki road?
  3. Could anyone tell that child that it's not so hard to add a button for top down, orthogonal view? You can choose to do so before or after the slapping occurred. ^^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link to API reference: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Camera-orthographic.html Please thanks?
  4. Fliegen > Laufen und sich währenddessen als Opfer mit DS fühlen, top system, NOT. Ich kann nicht nachvollziehen was an dem alten system schlimmer war als an dem jetzigen. Der Rüstungsschaden sollte um einiges angepasst werden, momentan fühl ich mich als müsst ich alle 5km in die Werkstatt weil ein teil den Geist aufgibt. Wir sind zwar weiter unterwegs weil fernbleiben auch nichts ändert aber die obigen Punkt und die schrecklichste aller schrecklichen karten stehen ganz oben auf der liste.
  5. I will remember the devs every once in a while. Because a map looks like this:
  6. I made a thread about the situation on our maps some time ago and i am really working on getting maps done for my guild but with geometry like this it's impossible or at least the most cumbersome work. I was starting to map today and was already at the handdrawing aspect when it hit me. Why should i as a customer invest tons of hours in getting the map TOP DOWN when devs can add a top down option without perspective. this thread is a reminder to the devs how useless coordinates are on the map right now, this thread is a reminder for you that perspectives are NOT welcome on a map! https://imgur.com/hKlbs2M This is a screenshot of the current Krim Kingdom portal to chaos temple, i would never have guessed that it stands where it stands right now, even with tools like gimp it's a nightmare to find out parcel locations. This portal actually stands on T12 | U12 | T11 | U11 Please for the unholy art of Fantasy mapping, give us a map view we deserve, non perspective, top down.
  7. I am still getting that weird popup window somtimes in the top left corner, can't make a screenshot because it locks all key input as long as it's open, for like 10 seconds. It looks like some debug console, it's white with a blue border on top. Not a big gamechanger and only happend once in two hours but still, it's there.
  8. I don't know were the current road will lead us but if you throw in some skills into combat trees that make farming NPC's more viable then a full combat character could be a viable asset too. I do have my crafting vessels and i tend to agree that 0.25 would be a better option to 1 skilltree, if it helps lessen the power gap.
  9. Braucht man eigentlich momentan keine lange liste schreiben, es happert hinten und vorne an den gesteckten Zielen und der Umsetzung. Es ist irgendwie alles chaotisch und nicht nachvollziehbar, was warum und wieso geändert wurde. Ich bin Entwicklerteams gewöhnt wie zB die jungs hinter Subnautica, jeden tag fast entwickler updates auf einem trello board und dass für 3 Jahre bis zum fertigen Produkt. Da könnte sich ACE eine scheibe abschneiden.
  10. Problem is that the current ratio for skill progression is 3 fold and if you ask me the speed should not go down to 1 but to 0.5 on release. Besides that the profession trees should be like 3 times it's actual size. If you want to compare EVE injectors with crowfall you also have to compare the complex learning of EVE to the not yet complex learning of crowfall. Maybe only older EVE players know that you could even Learn learning skills in the beginning and removing the race professions was a big mistake. Dual learning also doesn't help at all. I suggest 1 profession at a time, add race specific professions again, add more depth to the existing professions and pronto you got a working system were it takes ages to create a powergap that OP is worried about.
  11. Most of my guild members joined the day 5.8.6 first hit and i always was under the impression that crafting/leveling will be a big aspect of the experience. Without the in depth crafting, and maybe also some in depth vessel progression & harvesting soon(tm), crowfall would have a hard time surviving. If i wanted instant pvp without preparations in an RPG fantasy setting i know one other game that is currently in development that would blow Crowfall out of the water. The direct competition with Camelot unchained does not have to be, they know that and had to adapt. Stagnation is death on the market.
  12. As a quick fix to the problem, if you encountered the issue do the following. Close the client, start a quick repair, login to the desired vessel but DO NOT tab out of the game while loading. When you tab out before logged into the vessel once, you will break the system.
  13. Woodelf stealth only stealthes hair and weapons
  14. Pretty much one thing, roll back 5.9 it's not even close to ready for live. I always tought May was the month we should test 5.9 on testservers, now we got this mess on live servers. The new death mechanic is the worst thing i have ever seen, flying around aimlessly to just end up with DS Map loading is instable and takes like 3 times longer This list would go on and on but most has already been mentioned....
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