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  1. Also this... there is a major gap in power through passive trees (which I’m ok with) and vessel and gear. i like the idea of the vessels too but it shouldn’t be so difficult to get to a blue vessel. I see the blue vessel as a solid ground to be competitive. I could be wrong however. Add to that some purple gear runic weapons etc and this player should be able to take on someone of legendary vessel status and beat them if they are better or their class counter the other. the upkeep of items will keep the pve healthy market healthy etc but make it so it’s not multiple campaigns for a new guild before they can even begin to compete. Maybe some won’t agree with me there but if you want people to fight don’t bury their face in pve to do it
  2. On some aspects I agree but and like I said it may Ben the DAOC talking in me but I want there to be a point where I’m just fighting other people of similar gear score/power all the time. I personally don’t want to search out people and gank them for their resources and call it pvp. I want to 5v5 I want to 10v10 I want to 5v10 etc etc. I feel at the moment the evil pve demon is always looking over my shoulder whether it’s durability, my vessel, the lack of major or minor etc. this isn’t to say dealing with those things are bad I just don’t want it to be so time intensive that it literally takes away from my time actively pvping other people.
  3. The game design in its current iteration is a disaster if pvp is the main goal. People want to be competitive and so if that means purple vessels that’s what is going to be the eventual requirement. This involves a serious amount of pve and possibly even multiple vessels to do. But instead of discussing it I am just going to list the problems I see already in my first campaign. 1) vessels require pve in all aspects to get from multiple fields of gathering and crafting. 2) gear and the fast breaking of gear requires a significant amount of pve to farm mats and maintain or upgrade again from multiple harvesting and crafting professions. 3) leveling requires only pve (wtf?) 4) trading or bartering requires only pve 5) disciplines and minors require ONLY pve to get 6) fort capping is majoritively pve circle standing. i may be missing more. But literally 90% of this game requires a ridiculous amount of pve from several people to even just be prepared for pvp. Not exactly a problem entirely BUT.... there is barely any PvP. There are no groups roaming, there is the occasional gank party or fight at a wartribe boss but that’s it aside from siege time. Then siege time is over in 30 min and there’s some pvp after but it’s just a cluster custard. What plans could there be in the works that would change the dynamic currently in place that would incentivize people to actually go out and fight each other. Maybe DAOC and other MMOs spoiled me but I want to get the pve over with and then non stop pvp and dash in a little pve when needed for money or repairs or new gear whatever. my 2 cents
  4. Exactly! Something else that makes it a viable non main healer but can throw mediocre heals as well as other utility that’s not direct damage. resistance buffs like @mandalore said resistance debuffs - could Ben implemented in the tree to choose which you want to debuff not physical however or bleed poison snare etc etc
  5. Well typically the true pvpers are more interested in being the underdog for the better fights. If winning is the goal stacking sides is the way to do it. If good fights and a competitive atmosphere is the goal maybe some should go chaos next campaign. im quite happy on order and enjoy the uphill fights personallyjust need the vessel and gear to be at competitive level. Getting there tho .
  6. I think my biggest disappointment is the lack of chaos. Even if one side is more heavily populated a three faction game can make that much more bearable even down right fun. aside from veeshan and his group I haven’t seen to much chaos and that’s sad panda.
  7. I know arbiter would be heal cc support and radical would be Dps heals hybrid was what I was saying. Get rid of the full Dps and make that the opposite hybrid. Radical - Dps and off heal no CC crusader - As is full heal support basic root cc arbiter - CC support heal hybrid maybe a debuff or 2
  8. Just add something at the side top of your screen much smaller saying it briefly then disappearing automatically. +1
  9. This I agree with at least for cleric to a degree buT I think for choices for me I was hoping more heal or more cc options. So one way could get you that added support power and another way could add more cc or enhance already have Cc so you can’t really be great at both type of thing. It should be the same for radical I think too for Dps abilities or stats or healing stats. not sure I agree with cleric being able to fully Dps there is already plenty of that.
  10. They just need to improve the entire mechanic it can’t stay as it is. One third of every single class is broke because of it. Once it’s corrected to whatever system they implement I think the arbiter will shine I just don’t think it’s going to be one or two things that’s going to be enough. There are sweeping game mechanic changes of sledgehammer nature that need to happen before we can start using the scalpel. that being said... on blue+ vessels you should be able to start hybridiIng your cleric. Lots of int spirit and con could allow for a nice base of mixed stats. Combined with some talent changes / rearranges I think the arbiter could Be a beast. the class itself doesn’t need to support all this either you can assist which role you want to improve with your majors. want to heal better pick pixie field surgeon whatever. Want to be more mobile take jugg bard or escape artist etc etc edit: @ferrat That’s definitely an interesting fix, debugging to increase steam cost or actually just giving retaliate a cooldown of some significance could fix the issue. I am more for increasing retaliate CD across the board to make all CC more valuable instead of just one type of CC. but I’d need to see it in action too
  11. I think the biggest issue and it’s a all class wide issue is the one tree for each class is supposed CC. I personally like the potential to do a little of everything. I don’t think it should be able to do any respectable dmg. It should be a CC disrupter first that can toss spot heals. KD/stuns/snare/KB and the ability to heal and slightly better than crusader Dps. Maybe give them the option to debuff instead of some CC. there is so much unused potential with this class. Edit: I think a lot has to do with the complete lack of choice in what needs to be taken. Add in a more robust tree to really create that diversity and uniqueness of potential specs would help. I’m not convinced anything less than that will fix classes.
  12. I wasn’t thinking the same. I just built a blue vessel for int but if I put all my points into spirit I might be able to come close to the cap with gear and talents.
  13. With the support cap being raised to 2000 how are you guys handling the balance of int to spirit. Still hitting 40% modifier on healing then rest spirit or going con then spirit from talents and gear?
  14. Zintair


    One of the things was I am anticipating is a correction to the cC mechanics because after playing in both smallman and siege large group it is definitely seems more catered to a siege type mechanic but isn’t punishing enough for CC. I am also dissappointed that there is literally no choice consequence in the trees. Like it’s not even a question what you should pick up. So where I might want to hybrid to bring some control and healing I can’t really do that. So if I wanted to drop crusader but pick up arbiter for the chance to stun from range on spirit hammer I can’t. As of now like I said I am happy with the crusader and what it can do with disc added in. However I would like to see more viability with arbiter because I see huge potential for a great control mediocre but helpful damage and basic heals once you have a high enough vessel to support all the stats. Not a huge fan of being so pidgeon holes into something. I’d prefer to be flexible to a degree depending on if it’s larger scale or smaller scale.
  15. Zintair


    Wondering if people have any experience with the Arbiter. I’ve been running Crusader and very happy with it but I feel like I could be doing more than just heal. I like their CC options. Any experience gladly welcomed thanks!! edit: I am eventually going to try it I’m trying to find a way to squeeze more utility into then cleric at the cost of healing if I were to be with another healer in the group.
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