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    Wondering if people have any experience with the Arbiter. I’ve been running Crusader and very happy with it but I feel like I could be doing more than just heal. I like their CC options. Any experience gladly welcomed thanks!! edit: I am eventually going to try it I’m trying to find a way to squeeze more utility into then cleric at the cost of healing if I were to be with another healer in the group.
  2. So talked to Support and looks like I am out of luck for anyone else who made this mistake. 20 days it is
  3. My thought was maybe have a timer, or up to a certain level, or at LEAST in this case warn me this choice is permanent as I just started getting into game total noob and now got messed up cause of it. I'm sure there are different mechanics to at least alleviate an issue like mine compared to a spy/xrealm w/e. Thank you for the replies so far!
  4. I joined the wrong faction when i first started and found out my friends are a different one. I deleted everything but still cannot swap my character to the other faction. Is there a way to do this?
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