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  1. Yeaaah, sadly you have to travel all the way back to your temple or find a Fort/Keep your faction has claimed. x_x
  2. Came out to test this: found an outpost on a rank 4 parcel, killed 2 R4 Outpost Guards, looted 16 gold and 2 dust, captured the outpost (chaos), waited about 5 minutes for the guards to re-spawn, they re-spawn in at R4(Chaos guards) and there is no way to interact with them to upgrade them to R10. So not really sure where you're getting this from, unless you have captured a fort and the guards there work differently than an outpost. Or perhaps you saw guards at a keep and just figured them being R10 means any and all guards spawn in at 10?
  3. Oh really? I haven't been able to capture a fort yet, I've only seen guards spawning in as the same rank as the parcel the fort/keep is located at. That is certainly a nice safety feature then.
  4. ^ I also experienced this strange laser beam moving across the area, though mine was traveling while I was stationary and I just stared at it, frozen in terror as it passed by. o_o
  5. As it is right now on test if you die you can only re-spawn at a Dragon Statue, which are only in your Temple(at the start) and any Fort/Keep you currently occupy. Dying is quite punishing, and that's fine and all, really encourages you to make sure you're prepared to do whatever you're setting out to do. This also makes encroaching enemy territory a highly risky endeavor, whether it's simply scouting, ganking or whatever, if you die on the other side of the world where your faction owns no buildings you'll have to travel(in crow form) all the way back to somewhere you own a base, then if you want your stuff back, go all the way back through multiple maps again. All this makes owning a Fort and invaluable asset! The problem with this imo they have so many weaknesses, Forts aren't really safe in any way, and there is very little reason to spend any time inside a fort to do your crafting or rallying or what-not. So it would be really fantastic if we could fortify them in different ways. Repairing a wall takes two clicks with siege wood in your inventory, it takes a whole lot longer than that to take the wall down. It should take longer to build a Fort than knock it down. More utility could be given to Siege Engineer, or Stone-masonry (or maybe even adding a new Discipline that focuses on fort/keep upgrades and building) allowing them to upgrade wooden walls to stone, then from stone to stone with metal fortifications, add other things in like special training for guards (stealth detection, enhanced bleeds, alert sirens), add a magic barrier enchantment to walls that prevents enemies from teleporting inside, taller walls to prevent enemies from just jumping over them, deep foundations to prevent burrowing, install turrets or other permanent anti-siege/personnel weaponry. Additions like these could really bring the Forts up to a place where they are really worth spending time in, where people can actually feel safe to craft and rally in forward positions in order to take other objectives, start scouting missions, ganking operations etc.
  6. I'm just really enjoying that this game seems like something of a PvP-RP game. x)
  7. Wohoo! Thanks, despite being Chaos, I worked extra hard and managed to earn my very first badge AND gold badge too. :D Hooray! Excited for the next campaign.
  8. Animals do not transform when a hunger shard spawns near them, only new animal spawns come in transformed. (witnessed cats and spiders in separate areas) Sometimes the map is covered in blur filter and completely obscured. The blur filter appears to be the same size as the final siege win/loss notifications. Crow flying(way cool) feels a little slower than it should be(just a little). I understand the need to punish someone for dying but even in a home zone with the size of these test maps it is depressingly tedious to fly back and then walk all the way back to your body, especially if you're far out. Recall takes you all the way back to the beachhead... Centaur Strength of the Legion & Hippocratic Oath ability special effects trigger after the ~3 second animation
  9. Murder Found Fresh player Zetta here, looking for a nice Murder. 😁 I know basics but not much else. Currently lvl 11 Centaur Champion, wanting to be a blacksmith and exquisite cook with a side of stabbing the enemies. :3 Hobbies include: skinning and frying up delicious beasties, exploring for special and unique treasure and being valuable to a good team. Region: NA Playtime: Most days and weekends I will be or can be on
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