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  1. Found "The" Guild New Player looking for Chaos Guild. Class - Right now I'm playing Confessor, but open. I'm just trying to get a feel for what fits what I am good at. Time Zone - NA / West Coast Best Coast (PST) Play time - I typically play evenings and will be on most weekends. I am married and a father of 3, so my no life days are far gone. Play Style - I like to play anything that helps the group. AoE DPS, Heals, Lock down tank, whatever. I normally pick one class and play it religiously. The more you know the ins and outside of you class the better you will be. Prior Experience - I've been playing MMOs since Ultima in the late 90s. More recently, I ran a small scale PvP guild on ESO for the PS4 before I joined the PC masterace. We had about 5ish guys and would consistently wipe larger groups. I am currently playing Legends of Aria. Early access - I log in a little bit here and there just to mess around and get familiar with aspects of Crowfall and plan on playing a lot more. I feel this is the game I've been waiting for. what your looking for in a guild - I am looking for a medium - large guild, that is PvP focused. I prefer a more organized group that defeats people with skill and tactics over the zerg mentality. what you can bring to the guild - In previous games I have led small groups, so i can definitely follow orders and maybe one day lead. I'm not one of the guys who will give you a play by play of what I'm doing or constantly speak over the leader. I just want to have fun and dominate.
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