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  1. Asked by Corvus Citadel, so at the moment not seeking for a guild anymore! :3 Hello! I have pre-alpha status and I am looking for a casual guild in the region of England or preferred the Netherlands; feel free to send me a PM. At the moment I do not have much time, for I am having a part time job as cartographer and I am student. Hopefully I can start small, and grow it out by taking little steps over time. The core characteristic of me is that I learn quick because I have a visual orientated mind, but it takes more time to put it to practical use, so for interested guilds it would mean that I do not develop very fast, but ones on level I tend to master the small things into the fine details, compare me with an heavy steam engine. 😅 As introvert I usually play solo but I know I really love to be among the crowd from time to time, so I need to find a guild that can match that bit of energy I have. 😶 I want to do my upper best to grow and find a steady way to become part of this community, I am in search of a place where I can feel at home. In case developers are reading my post, if there are particular very small things that need to be tested or wanted in the community I would love to help you as long as it is manageable for me since I have a very busy agenda! 😍 Yours faithfully, ~Alcurion Region: EU: UTC+1 The Netherlands. Atmosphere: Gentle and caring, long term social focused. Casual: Searching for a guild where I can be casual, maybe in the future I will become hardcore, but due to study I cannot for the next couple of years.. Size: Small to medium, I dislike very large guilds due to the lack of personal touch. Play Style: I prefer healers, especially those who also happen to be necromancers. 😊 Commitment: Few hours between Monday and Friday, 4 - 16 hours a day in the weekend (dependable on study work of course). Far Future Commitment: Hardcore with a casual touch.. Game Miscellaneous: used to be a dedicated healer in another game, likes stealth & strategy games.
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