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  1. Payment model looks awesome and I'm very excited to see more about the Confessor archetype. A+ update.
  2. Its hard to vote on something like this without seeing combat in action. I'm in favor of whatever ends up making a compelling game.
  3. Second or third time I've seen that variety of Flex post and I still lol at it.
  4. I'd like to see a game mode where you can defeat the hunger and reset the board for sure. They have that option with the way they are designing worlds and opening the door to player suggestion, so I hope we get to see something like that with launch. There are just so many options with different worlds and different rule sets that thinking about it gets me even more excited for the game, but I feel like its still such a long ways away.
  5. I am really digging Dave Greco's work but the whole team is great. <3
  6. I would like to see a world where it was possible to drive the hunger back and reset back to spring.
  7. I don't see a problem with the opt-in system mentioned above. It is the best of both worlds for interested(or disinterested) parties.
  8. I disagree completely. I like to know exactly how many people I've killed(which could be just participating in killing), how many times I've died, how many items I've crafted, how many objectives I've capture, etc. The more information I can see about what I've done in the campaign the better.
  9. It doesn't even have to be a global leaderboard(although I would be interested in one as well). Something that just displayed your statistics and those of your friends/guild would be enough for me.
  10. One thing that I would love to see in the game is a leaderboard - and one for your guild on whatever campaign you're playing on. It would be great to see your kills, deaths, resources captured, time alive, or whatever other interesting tidbits the game tracks displayed somewhere that an individual or guild could use to see what they've done so far in whichever campaign they happen to be playing on. It's something that is overlooked quite often but I(and my friends/guild) would really appreciate a feature like this to compare progress in our campaign. To me, the more information I can access about my contributions thus far the better.
  11. Yeah, this sentiment is stretching it pretty far. Anyone bailing before the actual reveal isn't much of a loss. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. I agree. A lot of people are making comparisons to GW2 and Wildstar(and rightly so) but those games did a lot of things wrong with a good idea. Have an open mind and assume they aren't going to make the same mistakes. When I think of true action combat I still think of my Berserker from Tera.
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