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  1. The thing I didn't like was the indicators on the ground that should be changed for increase visuals on the character or something.
  2. Pretty simple, good combat. Completely fluke that it turned out the way it did but it was enjoyable. You seem to be a game hopping sack of poorly made socks that only plays the first few months of any game and then try and live off the hype aka TM-style. Not trying to defend AV or anything just wanted to let you know you're a sack of poorly made socks.
  3. This is pretty much the whole thing that worries me atm, they see a power rise that might seem unbeatable and decide to jump the gun and reset the server so they wont lose potential players because they get zerged. As long as player politics gets to play out as it should I'm happy with the system. Like a few others I come from Darkfall and that game could very quickly become stagnant untill a chunk of players quit and people could break their alliance without fear of losing holdings and a new power could take over. Alot of others suggested a system where we as players could keep the hu
  4. I think there just needs to be proper incentives too move to the more "harcore" worlds. If I can gather and craft the best armor there why would I ever not do so? I think some ores and other materials should only be found on certain worlds forcing the more "carebear" players to move to the tougher worlds and vice versa. Also crafting should have to be done in different worlds.
  5. If you have partial loot why not have full loot while you're at it? How annoyed would you be if you kill a guy and get 3 pieces of armor and a full set is like 10? Having to get a crafter to make you the remaining 7 and most likely from what I've seen of the crafting system make them of the same material or a special combo of materials to fit your build? Durability on gear should be a thing for sure but I'd prefer too see if without the ability to repair or having repaired items be weaker, gear getting destroyed from using would be a much needed "gear sink". I just hope which ever syst
  6. When poeple hear "boss" they instantly think WoW which I think is not what the devs would be aiming for but rather large and tough roaming creatures that have above average loot with increased risk and tougher fighting. Which is a good system because it creates more things too fight over. Anyway the game should most deff have pve, it's a very fundamental thing in mmos, the mobs should drop things needed for crafting making pve necessary. Creates additional pvp hotspots for 1-3 player groups. I'm hoping for some random/dynamic events like thoose allready mentioned in the topic but would
  7. I pretty much assume from watching the video that they'll go with full loot and would be incredibly disapointed if they don't, it's such an awesome mechanic. If you don't have full loot there'll be a bunch of redundant and annoying mechanics too make up for it.
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