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  1. Stealth, scout & bow would be a nice build for me. But is it sure that rangers are getting some sort of stealth?
  2. Just have a look at Steam which even is becoming an OS named SteamOS for consoles (SteamMachines) and computers. When SteamOS is fully deployed to the market the numbers of linux users will climp very steep.
  3. This seems to be a great game. A mixture between Shadowbane and Darkfall. But one thing I would have a concern is how to prevent ganking? A solution would be that every player have to belong to a guild. Even newbies are belonging to a newbie guild they have to leave later. And players of the same guild can not attack each other. On the opposite ganking of a player of a different guild can cause a guild war! A further issue we had on a shadowbane server was one guild growing such dominant that nobody else was able to fight against them. Therefore it would be good to limit the size of guilds. The crafting is great and it was the thing which attracted me to this game. There is no obsolete ore and there are no need of insane amounts of them for just one equipment piece!
  4. While the linux community grows by a huge margin, there is still too few linux native mmorpgs around. What's about creating a linux client for this game as well?
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