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  1. And fortunately, they will START looking into this problem tomorrow. Notice the lack of replies still over the weekend.
  2. I've never seen much Dev posts during the weekend, so I expect they aren't doing development at all during the weekend. The most you might get is a support ticket issue.
  3. Test is only up for limited periods. With the 5.9 release, it has gone into maintenance again.
  4. Besides, if vendors had quality, they would just apply the same system used for disciplines to vessels. A vendor can then only sell items of it's own quality or less.
  5. Bleeding the vendor is then still an upkeep cost then, just in resources with crafting. If you raise rarity in the process, that's an even crueler bleed. I think that goes counter to the proposal of the original suggester, which then destroys the purpose of the idea.
  6. I think the big reason for the current system is to make sure people don't throw stuff up and leave it there forever. Technically, that could then be used too for additional storage (just overprice to insanity, and its easy storage). But having a bunch of vendors that are weeks old that are just sitting there without cares would make the free city really crowded very quick. So unless you have an idea for limiting this activity too, we're stuck.
  7. Correction That's also the source of your confusion.
  8. So, for example, you would be fine if they doubled the cap but halved the formula calculating final damage?
  9. What I suspect is that, with the addition to the "Discipline Talent Tree", there will be a LOT more extension into disciplines, much more than currently. Major Disciplines will go from an item that gives 4 more skills to an item that gives an entire grid of talents to level up. I expect the way it will work is you will grind to the regular level 30 cap, then you can grind your current Disciplines. The quality of disciplines indicates how many talent points you can grind with it. So like, you might get only 10 points on a white Discipline, but 60 points on an orange Discipline. More so, white disciplines might not even have access to a tree at all, only giving basic cheap options with no ability to upgrade anything (0 points, no tree at all), while quality disciplines will get the entailed 'massive tree' (such as the 60 points at legendary). I also suspect that, if you have a less quality discipline, you are landed with a less quality tree, being completely unable to see anything you could gain at a higher quality. That alone should make you feel a bit better about being still left with high level customization and pursuit. However, I'm still surprised that no one is complaining that they are giving us something new to grind for. Though, I hear something like this was similar to SB, so maybe that's why there are no complaints.
  10. I wouldn't worry about that now. To enforce this, they would have to worry about all the existing vessels using the existing disciplines. That means that this sort of update would have to wipe characters to allow them to apply it (or everyone in their current quality vessels using epic quality disciplines could just continue to do so). But yeah, one day, we will all have to have that quality. Hopefully vessels are easier to take care of by then.
  11. So, sorry, add to that list an Epic Vessel. That is alone a mind-blowing addition.
  12. I think the big deal is where we got the "at a white quality". Currently, you don't see majors at anything this low in quality. You would expect that the low quality majors would give only a feeling of "this is what it does" without any actually practical benefit from it. So, for example, the Elementalist would get a "firewall" dealing around 95% less damage (so only 5% damage) than actual firewall. Basically, a bunch of majors that don't do anything worth talking about, but are enough so that you can try things out and get an idea for what they are talking about. The concern is, if they are going to start making discipline qualities, and we can start crafting disciplines, that we will have to ensure that the Disciplines are not resulting common, but are at least epic in quality to sustain the effect we are used to. This means 18 Epic Aurelium Ore, an Epic stone runestone, 2 Epic Blood, 2 Epic Silver Ore, and an Epic Parchment Paper.
  13. They made it vaguely clear that there was no point in vessel name, so that was to be removed (as per test). I'm more surprised that existing vessels still have a name.
  14. The "Community Manager" Tag kinda gives a lot of "Official Feeling" for this poll, as does the fancy green flag beside the post (even if it isn't the usual red flag). So, if they are just going to do things equally, why even ask?
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