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  1. My comments weren't meant to spark debate. I was trying to point out that the current movement style resembles other MMOs which support (or designed for) gamepads.
  2. DC Universe has movement similar to this, when you're not "locked on" to your target. And I think Final Fantasy 14 does as well, when it's in "gamepad mode" or similar. Some people think I'm kidding when I say Crowfall would play well with a gamepad. I'm not.
  3. The guild had much more potential when there was a chance it would be named Better With Bacon.
  4. Not sure why casual, challenge and difficulty level are mutually exclusive things. I thought casual meant you played less than the hardcore guy? I can be a casual player who desires challenging and difficult content.
  5. It's likely that block is meant to be a quick reaction. I also thought ACE was considering a Hold the Line style ability where the knight raises his shield and protects people behind him. In this case the root would be necessary as well as the constant stamina drain so the knight couldn't protect for unlimited time.
  6. I watched a knight raise his shield and block the Hunger. Not really.
  7. The problem I see is that promotion class is possibly a major advancement in character progression. Having to collect an item means that advancement could be hindered or completely halted by other players. That might be a bad thing. The discipline runes will (hopefully) be fluff for the character and not a major advancement. Little things to help round-out skills and abilities. You can also change these runes at any time whereas you are stuck with the promotion class. Since you can change disciplines on your character, it's ok to have them as collectible items. They can then be used as a means of trade between players. But it's likely not a good thing to block or gate a person's character progression. Unless you make the promotion class an item to trade, but then where is the meaning?
  8. It's cute how zinnie thinks he's the most hardcorest PvPer around and will be the one ganking everyone in sight, never dying himself. Collecting items for promotion class might be neat, but won't we already have to collect items for disciplines every time we want to change?
  9. Unsure why you would apply for a limited number of pre-alpha combat test sessions when your sapphire badge over there will eventually get you in. But do what you gotta do I guess. As for the announcement itself, I'm not sure if this is the right time to get the hardcore streamers on the bandwagon. It could possibly generate some hype, or it might cause people to pick apart the true alpha state of the game. It seems like there are some competent and dedicated streamers already in testing, why not let them promote Crowfall?
  10. For me, character building isn't the challenge. I would prefer that myself and another guy be given a character with the same set of skills/abilities. Whoever wins the fight would certainly be the guy with better skill, yes?
  11. I don't think I'm insane at all. And I was agreeing with Leiloni about the 10 slottable keys (of sorts, they are chosen for you), LMB, RMB, and C key. You might get 1-6 from your archetype, 7 from your promotion class, then 8-0 from your disciplines. However, your promotion class might alter some of the combo chains on 1-6, or even add a combo chain to a key that didn't have one before. But I do not like the idea of having to select either Burning Biscuits or Flaming Fingers for my 5 key. I don't see the need in having 50-60 skills to choose from. If you want choice, make it at the promotion class and discipline level. If you select A promotion class, then you gain X combo chain. If you select B promotion class, then you gain Y combo chain. Don't make choices upon choices in an action-MMO.
  12. I would like to see 10 skills/keys total. No picking-and-choosing. However, selecting your promotion class and disciplines might add to these 10 keys, or add/alter existing combo chains. I want access to everything my archetype/promotion/discipline allows.
  13. I just want to know if gamepad support has been implemented yet.
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