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  1. I hope they find a way to reward players who put in the hours to be a crafter, and not just a second account mule that sits idle (passively training) until the main combat account has enough of the good resources to justify hopping into the second account long enough to bang out all the good quality gear they need. While there is nothing fun or engaging about sitting in front of a forge crafting hundreds of daggers to 'level up', it *did* mean that only those who really wanted to be crafters had to be actually logged in and using that character. At least for a while. I'd prefer that the total number of blueprints any single **account** can learn to be gated. Make armorsmiths, for example, choose which 16 of the 32 different armor blueprints they want to learn. Or do it by groups as in , for example, weaponsmiths must choose 2 groups out of 5. Say, melee bladed, melee blunt, ranged bows, guns, or spear/halberd weapon types. Naturally, each crafting discipline comes with blueprints for the many different components too, which means that maybe the weaponsmith chooses not to learn how to make her own hilts, and must buy those from a weaponsmith that can make them. Mass production should be a completely different skillset beyond the craftsman disciplines. Mercantile skills should similarly be a totally different skillset beyond crafting and production, so that people who enjoy running storefronts have a niche to fill. And don't forget the Caravan Master, able to get peak performance from pack animals and the ability to hire some NPC guards to protect shipments during transit. I look forward to seeing this develop, and admit that much of my interest in the game is based on this particular playstyle! If they do it right, and not the easy, lowest-common-denominator way, I could be hooked in for a long ride.
  2. Talk about remaining true to the 'vision' of Crowfall started pretty much as soon as AC started talking about the EK. Then there was the whole tab-target versus 'action' stuff. Throughout all of it, I think AC has been pretty consistent. IMHO a lot of this is us projecting our desires for the game onto AC. It's why I've backed off the forums a lot. Not healthy to get stressed about this, heh. We gotta trust AC will do the right thing. And if it's not to our liking, we just won't play. Life goes on. This is part of the price we pay for being involved so early in the process. There isn't a 10-page overview telling us the Way It Will Be. We're getting paragraphs at a time, subject to change.
  3. I think the vision for Crowfall is pretty accommodating to different playstyles already. If you like to play dangerously, you play in rulesets with generous looting and combat rules. If you like to play it safer, you play other rulesets. There will hopefully be a strong crafting segment to be found (hope we hear more about this soon!), and even some Sims-type players in their EK. The win here is the design allowing people to choose the level of involvement they have.
  4. I just found this: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/divergence-online--2#/story Too good to be true?
  5. I'm with Groovy... the resource system/crafting.
  6. My situation is more complex. I sent a couple emails on 8-31 referencing the issue about a regular email change request. The complication in tracking me down is my fault. I've purposely gotten myself tangled in multiple email addresses. What can I say, it's kinda fun to buy new domain names and set up shared email accounts, heh. Each of my credit cards have their own email address too. I'm weird. So yes, this account 2FA is off for now and I will be able to test the next time I am home when the server is up. Do you think the automated process to change my registered email address is ready to use now? Or should I email Support with the change to my registered email address I would like? Those custom empty mailboxes made special just for Crowfall are feeling kinda lonely.....
  7. So I got my first invite to the HungerDome, and I can't play. I got the ZIP from Mr. Dalton and all that, but I have 2FA set up, and the email says I need to disable that to log in. So I disable it and the site says "check your email to complete the process"..... But I haven't been able to get any 'confirmation' emails that are auto-generated by crowfall.com..... so I can't complete the process to disable 2FA. Therefore I've missed my first chance to try out Crowfall. Kinda disappointing, but I will soldier on, hoping that you all can get this little bug fixed up. I just replied to the email I got notifying me of my invite, and actually got an auto-reply from a helpdesk ticket system ("Request received... please type you reply above this line, yadda yadda). So it looks like there has been some improvement already!
  8. That's pretty damn cool. The possibilities for crafting......
  9. Also, 2 or 3 emails sent to the support email address over the past 6 or so weeks have gone un-replied-to about this issue. I have a new email address I would like applied to my account. I have 2FA activated and working. When I go to my account area and go through the steps to request my email to be changed, it seems to work fine. No errors or messages, just a note saying I should check my email for a confirmation. Nothing ever shows up in the old or new inbox. At first I thought it was because there was a bug preventing changes for non-traditional addresses (instead of a dot-com address I am using one of the new dot-email ones) and I tested it with a miscellaneous alternate dot-com I have. That also did not work. So it seems like your website process to change email addresses is not working. Advice?
  10. That's a good link, thanks. I had not seen that before. I'm tempering my enthusiasm until we get servers to log into regularly, and that means not obsessing over the forums. That was near the end of June, which was a little over 2 months ago. I'm also glad Raph is still a part of the process! I feared his input had ended after the initial month or so.
  11. I was just wondering if there has been any movement in crafting. Anything new to report?
  12. It would be awesome to have lakes freeze over, and for movement over the ice to cause characters to literally slip and fall if movement is too dramatic.
  13. This is not directed at anyone. I just remembered how something silly like seeing someone named "ThreeFingerSalute" run by me in an MMO just bothered me. I'm not a RP'er at all, but I name my characters with actual names. Sometimes I might actually research a name I can use, like an Amazonian name for a female warrior. Other times it's as weird as wanting to start with a Y and also have a double-OO in there, so I just fill in around those to make a name. But it's always recognizable as a name. Yeah, it's a little goofy, but still.... A short anecdote: A while back in the middle of my WoW days a friend of mine and I were making a new toon to power-level a toon using the invite-a-friend deal. It was a throw-away character on an account from a $5 sale of the game, so we didn't really care about the name. We punched in 4 or 5 pretty weird names and all were listed as taken. So on a lark, I literally mashed my hand on the keyboard to pick a name. Totally random. And it was taken. We literally rolled around the floor laughing at that one.
  14. I've had my eye on this game for a little bit. Mostly I am interested in running a private server. I finally happen to have a spare PC that could run it pretty well (i5-2500, 16gb ram, 50/50mbps internet. When they get a little more polished I very well may do that.
  15. Wherever there are ice-cream sandwiches in the freezer, I am home!
  16. Despite my love for all things hardware, I am feeling too lazy to list it all out specifically. I did go ahead and splurge on the new 2011-v3 socket i7-5870k cpu, 16gb 2800 ram, an SSD to run the OS, and a second one to run whatever games I am using. I'm on an MSI Krait mobo, 750w psu, and a 33 inch LCD tv as my main monitor, and a 27" Dell as a second. I couldn't afford to splurge on a new video card too, so I am still using the GTX 660TI. I have my eye on a 790, maybe for xmas. Personally, I can't find fault with using a second tier video card. Every game that I like to play runs at ultra level with 30+ fps (BF4, Skyrim, Landmark, GW2, etc...), which I am happy with. I prefer to have more ram and CPU for other stuff I do (and 6 HDD in a storage spaces pool for movies and stuff!). I also do not use a swap file (don't let anyone tell you you have to if you have 16gb ram or more). I've not used a swap file in about 4 years, since I started using 16gb ram in my systems. Less of a hit on the HDD.
  17. This. I've been using a Nostromo for over 6 years, and I literally couldn't imagine playing a game without it. I was utterly SHOCKED to find they are selling for $200 plus now. My first n52 was like $50. My next couple were $60-$70. The one I have now is about 2 years old. For me, the #1 feature is the d-pad, and the ability to remove the rounded know from it so that it is just like the d-pad of a console controller. My thumb can easily feel the contours of the pad, so I have no problems knowing what way to press to make my character move. It seems like all the game pads today have a fixed rounded know for a d-pad, and I'm sure I will hate it. Too easy for the thump to get lost, or to slip off. If I'm forced to buy one, my dremel w/cutting wheel will be coming out first thing to cut that knob flat. This is seriously the best thing ever for gaming.
  18. Sheesh. 142 pages. Well, with Alpha here, I figured I should look-see, and the guild name had me sold before I even saw who was in it! Application is up.
  19. I too show nothing eligible to gift despite several items in my list that declare as giftable.
  20. We have probably a year of testing ahead of us. Plenty of time to get in and mess around. I think CF's launch will be faster than most due to them using PvP as the central form of content. Which they don't need to 'create'. The bulk of the 'development' is probably art assets and animations. I hope that being in Alpha 1 means immediate access. Would kinda suck to be a member of it and not get in right away because I took a day to ponder signing up.
  21. This is the root of the current SC hullabaloo. Good to hear you guys are focused on releasing the inirial vision of the game!
  22. I don't think any of us have much experience with Crowfall, which is pretty different than any pvp 'sandbox' we've seen before.....
  23. People mindlessly grind dungeons, queue up for the same battlefields over and over and over, and play match after match of FPS'. The competition is what will bring people back. The EK *could* be a hook to keep people, but they would have to put a lot more time into it, and I don't see that happening (the pvp crowd would tar & feather some dev's otherwise). At least, not till well after the game goes live and the dev's decide they'd like to see their population grow to include more people. Crowfall is on track to be a successful niche pvp MMOBA and will probably be pretty profitable, considering we will provide much of the content. I hope CF is a stepping stone in the industry, showing those cowardly studio's that you don't HAVE to try and be like freaking WoW, and instead provide a fun game that fill's a niche.
  24. Yeah, they know. They simply refuse to acknowledge that the blatantly noxious *behavior* of a small number of players, in a pvp game especially, exists. Because to acknowledge that these sort of abuses do exist in every pvp that has ever existed means they might have to take some responsibility for it as an honorable member of the community. It might mean that they have to confront some other person they see treating others in this way. It means taking it seriously. Instead, they use strawmen and smoke & mirrors to purposely mis-define and dismiss these very real issues. Things like "is telling someone they suck toxic?", "is it toxic if I LOL at someone I just killed?", "should I ask people if I can attack them?" combined with "this is a pvp game!!". They will not accept that few consider PvP in-and-of-itself to be toxic, but the actions and behaviors of certain players in a pvp environment can be. Not the PvP itself. But again, to accept that is too much to ask of some. Honestly, I hope these very discussion here, so early on, will set the stage for a really good pvp launch. I really want pvp to become more popular to the MMO playerbase in general. I think a lot of them are really missing out on a lot of fun. And seeing as how CF is focused on pvp, if we set a good example, maybe those who are on the edge might jump on in and help make CF more of a success.
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