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  1. The reality is gold doesn't tarnish but silver surely does.
  2. That was me, thanks for the compliment! You’re right in your assessment, I’m geared to the teeth by the best possible crafters available. Given even gears we would have likely gotten stomped.
  3. Basic block buff doesn't fall off after releasing RMB. Alot of abuse of this bug going on, please fix.
  4. Yo. There's a few of us old Dissent bros playing in Winterblades. The game is coming along, slowly but surely. Still not up to SB status.
  5. "And most importantly, ask yourself if you are doing your part to keep your team fortified, full-bellied and armed to the teeth. The bards may forget you, but your allies will not." Guilt trip much?
  6. cleric illuminate and tend the wounded are not healing. cleric LMB is missing flying yellow hammers. inventory transferring between EK and campaign.
  7. this month has definitely been the worst in the history of CF news drops.
  8. I agree with OP, Crowfall is currently feels like a farming sim. However, it's been discussed to death and I'm certain the devs have received the message.
  9. Murder deer will get you an additional charge on your power bar and reserve your parry for RMB. I feel ranged is the real issue here, high dmg, CC and mobility makes playing melee a hard choice and feels under powered af.
  10. "As mentioned, like any game, there will be a few keys that are off limits. These include Esc, Enter, and the Windows key"
  11. We were doing well vs the rangers but lacked the mobility to avoid the sandwich. GG was fun!
  12. How is this different than taking a combat major disc on a pvp focused build? You choose to take it, it gives a significant bonus to amount of materials gathered but is not required to harvest. I choose to take banshee, it gives significant bonus to dmg but not required to deal damage. Apples. Taking a minor disc to equip armor of choice(including inherent advances and disadvantages). Oranges.
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