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  1. sounds like someone wouldn't get an invite right away. seems you've spilled some jelly...
  2. Seems the gate keeper has permission to give out some additional info but wants to lord it over us.
  3. I'd like to see proximity voice chat, it really does add a layer of immersion. Adding a mute option to the "F" to interact we currently use would suffice to silence the trolls.
  4. Log into kickstarter, go to the kickstarter page, click view pledge, scroll to bottom of pop up. @Kraahk Turns out i'm 166, I apologize for spreading misinformation.
  5. This is the Thursday! See you all at noon!
  6. help! i have to put in PTO two weeks out, please send info.
  7. 5 years we've been following the development of this game. We've supported you monetarily, provided you with free labor in the form of bug hunting and an untold amount of feedback for the various bad ideas you've come up with. We've been patient through the dark ages of 5.110 development but now we KNOW you have piles of info sitting there waiting for some "marketing" push. Yet you give us this garbage. I just don't know what to say. I'm disappointed. I feel insulted. ACE should feel bad for how they've been treating us. Seriously custard your marketing hogwash.
  8. Wiping now will be too much of a burden with a known upcoming dregs wipe in a few months.
  9. single target heal fix on test feels 100% better than what it is like on live. good job, push to live for the weekend please.
  10. Can confirm rescue often misses when aiming directly at the target.
  11. If we wipe now what do we do when another new player asks for a wipe in two months? It’s the nature of a time gated passive training system, someone is always going to be behind no matter how much effort they put in. The design has changed so much since Kickstarter it doesn’t make much sense anymore. I would like to see the passive system removed and offload those skills/attributes to the the active leveling/talent system.
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