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  1. There is nothing fun or engaging about passive training. At best it benefits people that don't play the game regularly and is a boring/unfulfilling feature to active players. Too much of the game's progression is gained by simply waiting. My suggestion would be a hybrid active skill up system with a skill over time component for vip members. Anyone can actively skill up by doing the activities they prefer and vip players can retain the current passive system on top.
  2. There is definitely nothing fun about crafting failures.
  3. While I like that crusader can't mindlessly spam ranged LMB while healing anymore, I am about concerned about how we are going to build ults.
  4. Significant lag when up close to a hunger node.
  5. frostweaver is too strong at healing by alot. Druid is in an OK place for healing. Cleric and Templar healing is far behind and needs some love.
  6. FPS seems much improved however I'm experiencing significantly more "hitching." What i mean by hitching is the when moving the screen it will go from rotating properly to a micro pause and a leap of screen movement. Literally went from not happening last patch to every 5 -10 seconds now.
  7. Sucks it's taking so long but thanks for letting us know.
  8. pretty sure ACE said they want to do this but it will be a post launch thing.
  9. sounds like someone wouldn't get an invite right away. seems you've spilled some jelly...
  10. Seems the gate keeper has permission to give out some additional info but wants to lord it over us.
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