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  1. Imagine changing the game days before WC match. I'm sure all there won't be any salt for all the wasted hours practicing now defunct group compositions.
  2. Naming/Accusing: Openly accusing another player or group of cheating or some other type of misbehavior is not permitted. You may discuss the type of behavior at issue, but specifically naming individuals or groups is not appropriate. In cases of exploiting, harassment or other violations of conduct, please use the Report tool or send an email directly to support@crowfall.com instead of engaging with the user.
  3. edit: this happened every HD match on arbiter, starts off with just a few strands of light but builds up over time.
  4. i dunno whats the heck this is but it hurts my eyes, makes it stop please
  5. The wards in general are big dumb. The fighting should be happening at the defensive structure's AKA the walls. Unfortunately they're made of paper and defensive siege engines are garbage. We should also have multiple layers of defensive structure's, AKA walls. It's like ACE designed it based on Cinderella's castle instead of something historical that was actually designed to withstand a siege. All that being said, funnels and chokes absolutely need to be a big part of the defender's advantage. Walls, guards, and respawn statue mean next to nothing when facing a group that vastly outnumbers your own. Forcing the enemy to fight you a few at time is the last and best line of defense we have. Hopefully ACE puts some real time and energy into stronghold parcels in the near future because the ones we have currently are supremely lack luster.
  6. we had mouse movement for a long time but it was removed for some reason.
  7. It's a placeholder and not perfect but at least it lets people who want to compete in end game economics have a chance. Maybe now we'll actually see high end products on player merchants.
  8. Looks really pretty, well done! However there are some defensive issues that need to be brought up. pros: Respawn statue seems to be in a safe spot from being attacked by siege weapons immediately. Ward room on third floor of keep seems to have a good defensive choke. Cliffs should prevent attacks from the west. cons: The inner walls are swiss cheese, with two large arches, a side entrance and the wall types with windows that can be jumped through. Not to mention the towers on the outer walls have ladders that the attackers can use to completely bypass the inner walls. The keep building itself has two paths of entrances from the walls themselves and I counted six(!) entrances on the ground level. The tree room itself has five routes in. Chances for defensive choke advantages are slim.
  9. There is nothing fun or engaging about passive training. At best it benefits people that don't play the game regularly and is a boring/unfulfilling feature to active players. Too much of the game's progression is gained by simply waiting. My suggestion would be a hybrid active skill up system with a skill over time component for vip members. Anyone can actively skill up by doing the activities they prefer and vip players can retain the current passive system on top.
  10. There is definitely nothing fun about crafting failures.
  11. While I like that crusader can't mindlessly spam ranged LMB while healing anymore, I am about concerned about how we are going to build ults.
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