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  1. I went adventuring last night for a few hours hunting down shards. Ended up with about a dozen green weapon shards, six blues and one purple. This was most due to the higher density of low ranking hunger nodes. I found one r7 all night, a handful of r6 and most nodes being r4 and r5. My feeling is that the drop rate is okay ish right now. If connoisseur worked and there were higher ranking nodes I think we’d be in a good place.
  2. The armor standard for Winterblades is still blue , only a few try hards have purps. If your people aren't in blues after this many campaigns that's on you guys.
  3. I understand you're frustrated but imagine if every time a bug was found they wiped the database, It would be a ghost town up in here. What you're proposing would set a precedent for anyone who is upset to feel entitled to a wipe. Let ACE develop their game and wipe when it is right for them to do so, not at the whims of testers who feel bad about things.
  4. ACE will wipe when they have to due to tech constraints, not because of some people's feelings.
  5. Those are all active players that don't post on the forums. They were asked to give their opinions on the matter but were not told how to reply. If you go back in the thread there are several Winterblades members that have disagreed with OP. Forum names = in game names and they're all on the leader boards if you care to do some research instead of making blind accusations.
  6. looks good, only thing I would change would be the stoneborn racial power on your hotbar for wee one.
  7. lets see them hotbar/passives slots
  8. The reality is gold doesn't tarnish but silver surely does.
  9. That was me, thanks for the compliment! You’re right in your assessment, I’m geared to the teeth by the best possible crafters available. Given even gears we would have likely gotten stomped.
  10. Basic block buff doesn't fall off after releasing RMB. Alot of abuse of this bug going on, please fix.
  11. Yo. There's a few of us old Dissent bros playing in Winterblades. The game is coming along, slowly but surely. Still not up to SB status.
  12. "And most importantly, ask yourself if you are doing your part to keep your team fortified, full-bellied and armed to the teeth. The bards may forget you, but your allies will not." Guilt trip much?
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