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  1. Thanks man. I just want to say that this is going to be a bit different from Equinar's Podcast. My goal is to have all of you call in (actually join a discord chat) real time and talk. I love what Equinar is doing and have no desire to step on what he is doing. We might have some guests on the program but its really going to focus on every player having a chance to come in and state their opinion.
  2. Good day Crows! I have decided I want to start something new on my stream. We are going to be running a talk show type of stream in the very near future. I plan to call it Crowtalk. If you are interested in this and want to have a place to talk about different topics go to Twitch.tv/DrakanoWOW and follow my stream so you get notified when we have a show. I will be working on a schedule in the very near future but wanted to get this out to you all so you would know it’s coming. This is for the players to have your voice heard. So if you have a topic you want covered please submit your topic req
  3. Just posted a new video of Hax fighting TTK in open field combat. Enjoy
  4. The inventory window is getting locked open and you can not move or close it
  5. Mobs chase you for every it feels like. I ran all the way across a city and the spiders still chased me. Not sure if bug but darn they hated me!
  6. Camera angle changes with this stance of character horrible visual. this happens when fighting, dodging, jumping and standing still.
  7. posted in wrong channel. Bug with Fae Assassin Stealth.
  8. Not sure if this has been report but when Fae assassins' going into stealth the animation is very awkward looking. Also when they glide in stealth its does not look right. Here is a video to see it. Found it last night so if its already fix awesome.
  9. I hope the DEVs don't mess it up. The reward for building a keep and getting those walls ranked to R10 should be a real thing and the penalty for the enemy allowing it should be a real thing. Also I feel like a Keep that is built to max should not be able to be taken down by 4 or 5 trebs. I do believe the area in which a siege engine can be placed should be looked at because there was not enough room to drop more siege and to drop a keep this size should need a lot of trebs. Just my opinion.
  10. Yumx its been fun being enemies and allies and was fun run. Look forward to your return when you come back!
  11. I personally enjoyed this campaign. It was not about who could field the most players or recruit the largest army it was more about strategy and striking at the right time. Was lots of fun Crowfall keep it up! Good fight everyone
  12. Was a great fight. I had a blast fun times for all! Thanks for the fun PVP Balance! Thanks for the great timing Order! Thanks for the awesome stand to protect our keep CHAOS!!!!
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