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  1. Yumx its been fun being enemies and allies and was fun run. Look forward to your return when you come back!
  2. I personally enjoyed this campaign. It was not about who could field the most players or recruit the largest army it was more about strategy and striking at the right time. Was lots of fun Crowfall keep it up! Good fight everyone
  3. Was a great fight. I had a blast fun times for all! Thanks for the fun PVP Balance! Thanks for the great timing Order! Thanks for the awesome stand to protect our keep CHAOS!!!!
  4. Not sure who you are referring to as salty in your message since you can not figure out the "quote" option. As shown below the statement was very clear at the very end of the opening thread. "Please vote and leave comments in the thread if you so choose." By the way it is not a simple poll for yes or no since the person who created the poll asked for comments. LOL
  5. I wish I could vote yes to this but since this is for "ONLY" passive skills I can not. I wish this topic would have been taken up months ago when we were talking about it in the forums and we had a wipe coming or just happened don't remember which The whole point of that thread was to bring new players in or give the current new players at the time a better chance to stand up. This would only make it harder for those players if you do just passives now. Allowing everyone to keep gear and vessels allows us to just make a ton of max gear and bank it so we have it for along time. This would actually hurt the game! On a side note love to see the powers that be asking these questions though. I think it says a lot of the quality of team that has an interest in its players bases opinion. Keep it up!
  6. This is actually a really good idea. Nice work Phr00t
  7. It is a game get going and join a guild right away and start learning get better then fight harder. If you start of Chaos go to www.crowfall.com/guild and apply to HAX. we are fighting the massive powerhouse known as the BALANCE. we will help you learn, teach you to farm and help you grow. If you do join the game please visit and post a like to this suggestion. I think all players should have the max combat training to really know who is worth a crap most of the tenure players say "it is no big deal". they are not speaking truth. join us lets fights the power!!! Join us an let crowfall know why they should bring new players up to MAX Passivecombatskills #Voiceyouropinion as new customer. To often the 10 original investors matter more than the actual players that will grow this game! Let the leaders know why new investors matter!!!!!!
  8. well worth the buy I got my moneys worth in a couple of weeks.
  9. This may be accurate but just cause Eve online made this error does not justify crowfall making the same error. Just saying
  10. @Staff YAS!!!! That is awesome. Since its no big deal come on over and like the suggestion 😍 But in all serious I have said a few times and want to reiterate this topic does not remove the need for being a skilled player. Staff I am glad your proud of your achievement. I am proud to have been able to play this campaign with you but the simple fact is it will help newer players stand up just a little better. I also forgot to mention it gives you 1k hp also. And to be honest that is a big deal also.
  11. Just a few of the focus points I have seen heard and know people ask for Based on the combat passive training that Crushedvelvet provided above. 18% Anti Crit - No Big Deal 9% Armor Penatration - No Big Deal 9% Crit Chance - How many points of dex is that you could have in another stat? 12% Crit Damage - How many points of Int is that you could have in another stat? 12% Slashing resist/9% Piercing resist/9% Crushing resist/9% poison resist a lot of CC control resists also. If its really not that important like some players are saying. The it does not matter to you all if they max out everyone's combat then right? Cause its no big deal right? I would assume its just a turn of a dial. if its not then 100% disregard my suggestion in the suggestion forums because we should not risk causing issues for the games progression for this topic. If it is as easy as a turn of a dial then please go like the suggestion in the suggestion forums. It is no big deal after all. thanks for the support everyone. 😀 Come on everyone lets be real it is a bigger deal than we are letting on but I do want to say I am in support of an alternative way to level the playing field a little. Not going to change it all but will have impact in some way. but most of all it will give new players a chance. or at least as much of a chance as we can give them And the tenured players don't lose a thing. Sorry had to do it
  12. My point is not a win or lose point its about bringing more new players to the game of all skill levels. Right now for every new player that joins the game I feel like only 1 out of 10 of them actually play but after a few fights it feels like 1 out 20 stick around(For the love of everything sacred don't take the numbers as literal turnover rate). Fact is we all have some level of control when it comes to learning skills to be better. We all have some level of control when it comes to getting better armor. We all have some level of control of working towards better vessels. We all 100% no control over how fast passive can be caught up. That is a problem. Again a new player can start playing and bust their tail end get into a guild find a crafter have the best armor in the game with some work. No matter what they will be behind anyone who has let the timer run to gain passives. On a side note - not directed at Galvia this is to anyone who Insinuates that people only want to ask for a wipe because they think that is the only reason they are losing. I have said many times because I am very transparent about my feelings on what is causing us issues. Fixing the passive issue will only help newer players and the retention rates that come with playing catch up in a game. I cant wait for the day that this topic is addressed so we bring more players in that actually play. I am not saying that is the only reason or will solve it all by just this action but it is one that will help.
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