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  1. Thank you, that's really helpful. I was moving towards Battle Rager because I thought that the Titan may be too much like a glass cannon and can't deal any damage if it's dead. Therefore, I thought that although the Battle Rager may have lower DPS output, the fact that it survives longer would mean that it can out-DPS a Titan over time. Is this incorrect? I agree with you that I think the Battle Rager's place could be more to dive into the enemy pack and disrupt their back line helping the less tanky, higher DPS classes to pick off the front line whilst the rest of the team are trying to take care of the Battle Rager. I haven't spent much time on the class though, so really interested to hear your thoughts
  2. Hi guys, Was wondering if you could please help me with a Battle Rager build. In particular: 1. Talents 2. Stat priority 3. Disciplines 4. Rotation Etc. Thank you!
  3. Yes, I really like the idea of that. With even better recipes the closer you go to The Hunger i.e. the dregs. Even better if that can be extended to armour too
  4. Kavsby


    It would be cool if the different faction temples and corresponding areas were aesthetically unique and had their own feel to them. For example: - Balance could be more Wood Elf-like with lots of trees and vines - Order could be very grand and Arthurian (such as the current Temple) - Chaos could be darker and more Barbarian like
  5. Since the latest update, I have noticed the "free" items have disappeared and the ability to power level your new vessels. Is this intentional?
  6. I get that, but my opinion is that it just seems a bit boring with everyone running around looking the same and having the exact same items (+/- some stat variances). I feel that this is an obvious area to make the game richer with more depth and variety
  7. Apologies if this topic has been previously addressed. Being relatively new to the game, I am no expert but I do get a sense there is a lack of exciting weapon / armour options and the progression seems a bit flat to me. Sure, the game is based around grinding for better quality materials and then crafting better items with various stats on the back of that, but it is a bit lacklustre in my opinion and I fully understand that PvP balance needs to be taken into account, which is by no means easy. Therefore, it may be interesting to explore some sort of unique or set items that have some magical qualities / abilities that the vessel can take advantage when equipping them. For example, the type of items you see in the Diablo universe or in World of Warcraft where equipping those items can completely change the gameplay of that character. Having some sort of optionality in items would, I feel, make the gameplay a bit richer rather than just crafting an item with a bit more damage and hence equipping that. Would love to get peoples thoughts on this.
  8. I do think a distinction needs to be made between casual and solo players. This game is very prohibitive for solo players, which I think is the designers intent and just supports the case for casual players to find a guild that can support them. For example, a casual player could join a large guild and be told they have to spend some time farming ore and in return they will craft you an armour set for PvP. Furthermore, to the extent that the player driven marketplace takes off it may help mitigate this issue. For example, a casual player could farm gold to buy items, or to farm gold to buy a runic weapon and use that to farm rarer materials, which they could then trade for items with a larger guild.
  9. I agree that having variety in the way resources are approached is definitely a good thing and not all resources should be created equally. That being said, I have read anecdotal evidence of guilds discouraging the use of leather classes just because of the difficulty in obtaining leather in order to be competitive. Ultimately there needs to be a balance so that obtaining one resource isn’t so difficult that it just discourages its use and I think having a very involved and time consuming PvE event doesn’t help this issue. Rather than just large carcasses, maybe there is n increase in the number of “large” monsters that act as the motherlode nodes. Then there is a super monster, like you describe above that is even more rewarding. As i said, I do like your idea a lot but think it should not be the sole source of “motherlode” leather. I think your idea is better suited to some sort of “World Boss” and loot options could be expanded to even have corpses of fallen warriors in the beast’s lair that can be looted, so there are also rare items on them you get from killing him. If there is one boss up at a time, it also encourages other factions to fight over killing it and could catalyse some good open world PvP events too as all 3 sides fight over the loot.
  10. I like the idea of more involved PvE style content, however I disagree this should function as a motherlode-style skinning node given how involved this encounter is and how relatively easy it is to find motherlodes for other resources. My view is that there should be ordinary large carcasses around the map (already dead) that can feature as a motherlode node. For example, we see a pack of standard hellcats or spiders feasting on a large dragon carcass, we kill the hellcats and skin them as usual and then get access to the skinning motherlode carcass. The sort of encounter you describe should be even more rewarding. For example, granting large amount of epic / legendary lather and chitin. It should also potentially drop other rare items, maybe that it swallowed after eating some poor unsuspecting humans. In summary, it should feature as a kind of super motherlode above and beyond standard motherlodes.
  11. General On death, my Crow appears at my corpse but I am unable to respawn at / around the location of said corpse. Instead, I have to teleport back to the Beachead and resurrect there, losing the items on my corpse.
  12. Just to put some of the numbers / times in perspective: At 1x speed, it will take 1 month to fully complete a bucket (e.g. "Combat Basics"), assuming a bucket requires 259,200 points. It will therefore take 12 months to complete "Combat", 10 months to Complete "Crafting" and 9 months to complete "Exploration". Assuming you have VIP up, so you can run two Skills at once, it will take 19 months to complete everything. At 3x speed, you could fully complete a bucket in 10 days and fully complete all 3 trees in 6.3 months (190 days). Hopefully no mistakes in the math! p.s. I also very much like the 3x speed
  13. Apologies if this question has already been answered, but I noticed that there is a difference in the amount of skill points you receive per 10 seconds on the Live and Test servers i.e. 3 points per 10 seconds on Live and 1 point per 10 seconds on Test. What is the current plan for when the game launches i.e. will we expect to receive 3 points or 1 point per 10 seconds?
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