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  1. I am honestly trying to give it a shot. Both myself and my wife have been trying to play the game and yes I like the way it plays (moves, abilities, crafting etc). My only problem is whilst we have been playing we have seen in the 6-7 hours 2 players at the most, so it makes it pretty much pointless. We have been using the live servers so maybe we should be using the test servers? Also on EU since we're in the UK, although could try NA but then there's the time difference. I'm looking for pointers rather than a discussion of whether it's any good. The gutted statement is: Imagine you enter into a game that looks and plays like a new MMO that' you've been looking for a while and then you find that essentially it's empty.............that's exactly what has happened to us so far. I think you will probably agree gutted is going to be pretty much how you would feel.
  2. Firstly yes I know the game is in pre-alpha, but I have seen a lot of videos online and checked what sort of state the game was in and everything looked fine. However the servers appear to be completely barren of any people currently playing the game. Am I missing something? Is it just the case that there is hardly anyone playing? I do honestly hope someone can point me in the right direction else at the moment I do feel like I've just wasted my money. Just feel gutted at the moment.
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