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  1. @Soulreaver what about the ability to harvest harvesters or just better to go Cutt.
  2. Was thinking of testing Vandal for this next campaign. Any thoughts on what stats you would put on the armor? I’m guessing crushing pen just not sure what else.
  3. I played a vandal for a campaign several campaigns ago. I found it to be enjoyable and could with a few tweaks be a very solid profession. As many have said Blackguard and Vandal need to switch capstones. Second and biggest issue is leather thus why I rolled a Blackguard even though I really dislike the playstyle. Once armor is improved and CC tweaked I believe Vandal will be my main.
  4. Let’s do it. We already have precedent with ones joining Balance ftw. Can’t beat em join em.
  5. I used to think it unfortunate that I couldn't join these sieges. However i'm glad I do not go. After watching some balance streamers from last night it's clear there is much to fix from the Devs standpoint and though players should not be blamed, if they wanted balanced fights players couldn't certainly help balance things out but after 3 campaigns it's clear they will not. So we wait on devs to fix zone caps, performance and class balancing as well as other features and in the meantime we play actual fun games or spend time with family. It has to be boring standing around a keep for 45 minutes then chop down some trees and try to enter another siege zone only to be capped out. Great action. Much fun!
  6. Roll out for siege defense one night in all white gear. Would be curious how much of a difference there is.
  7. I’m in now. I’ll look some of you up as I’ll need a company
  8. What happen to the pvp for pvp sake? Faction play should absolutely work in Crowfall. A few changes are needed as mentioned above or at least a few of those changes. In DAOC once you had your items crafted you went to RvR. There was no down time (beyond getting your character leveled and geared). It was quick to try a new class if needed, gear it out and do what the game was designed to do. PVP! DAOC launched almost 18 years ago and it is still going strong. The Phoenix Freeshard for example is getting 3000 concurrent player per day playing. Why should that be any different in CF? I'm not talking Dregs ruleset here just talking Faction play. Maybe the devs should of never done Faction play and stuck with Dregs. Would of been easier. Big barren boring landscape - check, ability to throw down big boring buildings - check, let guilds kill each other - check Game Server: Up Albion: 1019 Midgard: 1190 Hibernia: 1094 How nice it would be to see those numbers. Yeah I know Pre-Alpha.
  9. I wonder if the lifeblood of this game once/if it gets launched to any sort of Live environment will even make it 4-6 months. Dregs will not fix all of the issues. Once you have a large guild start to dominate, I don't see the "politics" changing the outcome much. It'll be fun for sure for a few campaigns, but long campaigns I don't see working at all. Perhaps large alliances of guilds will keep it going for a bit but I believe you will always have a large Alpha guild and it will start bleeding players as they move to other servers and or games. Sooner rather than later this game looks to be heading down the 1v1 duel in the EK with a few of our resident forum warriors that stick around. I hope it works out as it can be fun at times.
  10. Even in PvP would be nice to have ranks to work towards to make actual pvp enjoyable. I think again of DAOC where you had realm ranks only earned from killing or support of killing (healers) other players. They were not huge bonuses although some were mandatory like a stun/mez/root purge ability. It would have to be adjusted in CF a bit so as not to be fully abused. Again to prevent full abuse in DAOC there were diminishing returns on a player that was just killed and eventually no points so you couldn't just log in an alt and farm points. Anyways, great idea on original post
  11. Imagine if we could get the majority of these guys out of intermediate and white gear. Oh the fun!
  12. The same love of ones guild that so many have here is what you had in DAOC except it was love of your Faction. Realm Pride. No switching sides. You were locked into a side per server with one account. You of course could always buy a second account. If one side seemed to be losing often times the other two sides would coordinate for a bit to help knock them down a peg or two. Siege warfare was superior in every way also, with Rams to knock on the door, Hot oil defending the door, climb points for stealth, ladders for tanks (later in the life cycle), keep layouts that mattered, ranged classes that could actually range damage and more. All of the sides were different as well, this includes the classes abilities and looks. There was a place for everyone in the fight just to name a few items. Dregs will not solve all of the CF issues. Nor will this Faction system last in its current state.
  13. Looks like my guildies had some fun. CC is currently filled with mostly new players trying to learn the game and have fun on a faction with very little support. With time they/we will get better. Hopefully all can hang in there during these early stages where gear and experience (knowledge) of the classes will get better.
  14. xary


    I’ve been playing Vandal this campaign. Although nice in some areas I’d like to try Blackguard next. How is everyone fairing with them? Cons? Pros? It seems they may be easier to gear as ore feels easier to get better quality faster. Survivabilty on paper also looks nice. Wondering about killing power?
  15. There whole map random placement of everything is terrible. Especially so with seemingly no real artwork assets to throw into the “randomizer 9000”. Towers and keeps need to make strategic sense. Towers really should be tied into keeps as well as so many have suggested. I wonder if anyone on staff has actually played siege games. Seems only spreadsheet crafting guys. A+ in that department.
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