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  1. Need more of a hint. Only really seeing 1 major in each domain that does damage when enemy slowed outside of archer disc. Wind does have 2 majors but the one doesn’t seem that appealing. Would love help on building a vandal.
  2. Perhaps be able to summon your own sentinel when you attack
  3. Well the only actual "throne" war part of this game is the forums or Discord. Certainly not a game mechanic or special knob to turn yet and likely never will be.
  4. Is the Dps spec cleric worth playing? I'm mostly just a solo or small group player.
  5. They could of used the DAOC model. People were able to sell there goods but you could use a marketplace to find out who had what and where it was located so you could go to that persons house and buy the item off the vendor.
  6. Nice video. Glad to see some guilds out there helping and inviting new players just a few days old. Good job CC. Hopefully those new players stay in game and don't get disappointed going up against hard core players.
  7. Looking for help with a knight build. I haven't played knight since hunger dome gameplay years ago. Thinking I'll go with the swordsman subclass. Anyone have help with Disciplines and skill distribution? Thanks.
  8. Was wondering if on a Dirge could going mail be doable for extra dmg? Or are the benefits too great for wearing plate?
  9. So which are recommended for your more solo, small group attack focus? Slayer with dual pistols? or Vanguard with dual pistols or saber?
  10. Daoc did something along these lines as small incremental abilities/stats were given along with a title when and as you achieved realm/pvp rank.
  11. That's not the kind of pvp wanted. 7 months of the same tells you that with more joining that faction.
  12. Yeah I’m not fond of the tab target either but DAOC just gets faction warfare. I mean once you have your gear you pvp. I never heard the excuses of gear differential or really even unbalanced pops as the tools you were given allowed you to cope. Also the players seemed more interested in self regulation of pops or at least working together to put a hurt on the heavier side. Now who knows how CU will ultimately end up but one can fondly hope it will be a decent successor.
  13. Well CU already has a better engine it appears than CF. I’m a huge DAOC fan so Really hoping they can make it work. There are some items I definitely am not fond of as everyone always trying to reinvent the wheel. If there testing servers were up more regularly I’d never be on this game or forum.
  14. @Soulreaver what about the ability to harvest harvesters or just better to go Cutt.
  15. Was thinking of testing Vandal for this next campaign. Any thoughts on what stats you would put on the armor? I’m guessing crushing pen just not sure what else.
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