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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, a bit 'short' and to the point, but thanks all the same
  2. Thanks for the replies, they're helping to ease the confusion - the only trouble is that i'm back with more questions... Why is it that trees, that can be visually distinguished from one and another, tend to offer plain ol' knotwood instead of the type of wood you'd expect to harvest from that particular species of tree? I've just spent the best part of an hour, running around the forest looking for trees with fireflies around them, as these tend to denote that i'm going to get something other than knotwood - birch in this case. Please forgive my newcomer 'stupidity', for want of a better word, but if there's already a mechanic in place to distinguish between the various trees - as in how they look - why go the extra step and have the fireflies at all? It'd be like wanting to get yourself a piece of, say, oak...but searching for it in a forest of pine trees until you find that 'special' tree, inundated with magical fireflies, which gives oak and not pine as you'd expect. It really doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? I do get the whole 'pre-alpha, everything is a placeholder and what's here today might not be here tomorrow' thing but for someone, like myself, coming into the game...it's a little more confusing than it needs to be. On to my next question... As i tend to play support characters in other games, i decided to play as a cleric - apparently, in Crowfall, clerics carry shield and wield hammers (normally considered to be templar style weapons in other games but hey-ho) - a bit of extra protection i'm down with...but a hammer? as a ranged weapon? that uses mana like every other skill on your bar? So there i am, using my basic attack (from range) against a target dummy when the obvious happened...i ran out of mana. 'Hmm, i'll just wait for it to regen' i thought, the only trouble is that it doesn't - at least not in the few minutes i spent waiting for it to happen. I ended up popping the Miracle skill just to get some mana back, though this only partially filled the bar. Is this supposed to happen? Do clerics have a non-mana using basic attack because having your basic attack consume mana seems a little self defeating. Shouldn't the basic attack be a mechanism for generating mana instead? If clerics and healing go hand-in-hand, why essentially gimp them by making eveything they do consume the one resource they need to make them viable as a class? No mana means no attack and no heals. Confusing? Very.
  3. Okidoke


    Hi all Although I've had Crowfall on my radar for quite some time now, I thought now is the time to jump in and see what all the fuss was about...and, to be honest, I'm pleasantly surprised - there's a whole lotta game here considering it's still pre-alpha and, hopefully, i can contribute something towards the testing. The last alpha test i took part in was for SkySaga (anyone remember that? lol) and was a tad miffed when the plug got pulled so close to release - it's all been a bit quiet these last couple of years for me so, fingers crossed, i'll find a new home here
  4. Hi all, before i start i would like to say that these are just initial observations rather than outright criticisms so...onwards and upwards... Offline skills training - I can't quite fathom why this isn't switched on from the start. Having only just dipped my toes into Crowfall yesterday, is there any reason why offline training isn't 'always on'? I mean, what benefit would there be in toggling it off? Why is it that, on average, I get more gathering materials with no tools in hand than i do with a tool equipped? - and shouldn't 'plentiful harvest' mean just that, plentiful? Cut a sapling...get a single log, cut down a medium sized tree...single log again, full sized tree? you guessed it...single log again...with the possibility of an apple - color me shocked! lol Though, just why we're getting apples from fir trees is anyone's guess?
  5. Hi all, I just jumped into the game yesterday so forgive me if this has already been suggested... Instead of having the different gathering tools being equipped (or placed on the action bar), couldn't we have something akin to a tool belt instead? This could be crafted then equipped into the slot that current gathering tools occupy and, once selected, would open up 4 sub slots that you'd place your stackable gathering tools into. The onscreen reticule could then be used to determine what was being gathered - wood, stone etc. - and then the corresponding tool would be equipped automatically, rather than having to select each tool seperately via the action bar. Having a more dynamic reticule, that equips the required tool or weapon (depending on what's in front of the player), would be a step forward as the current system of manually switching between gathering tools and combat bars seems...well...a bit 'clunky'.
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