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  1. I'm terribly sorry I did not clarify my statement... Because Crowfall is not taking this approach, contrast to the current pattern of MMO's, how are you guys going to facilitate community? I apologize, my statement was much more centered around instances as it is one of my greatest irritations in the genre.
  2. To me, having an open world is essential to fueling player interest and building community. Seeing higher level players in towns, sitting outside of dungeons, or just passing through really made Everquest special in the beginning. I can remember seeing players sitting outside of upper guk, waiting for players to go down to lower guk, and though I was going to upper, I inspected him and thought, "Wow, how do I become this guy?" We talked for a while and went on our ways. I knew I what I had to do to reach his level and obtain that equipment. I can remember hitching rides with bards to travel across continents, talking the whole way and learning more about the game and even making an in-game friend of two on the way. How will Crowfall create this same sense of community and bring people closer together than facilitating a place for people to "hide away" in instances?
  3. I just don't like the quick money grab and also staggering the player base into the game. I like the rush and the hype of opening day. I like everyone starting at the same level and without perks. I know I have bought collector's editions, Early Access, etc. and the more I think about it, I don't like seeing level 1's with gear, potions, and mounts because they paid more. It messes with the community and I think some of the fun is struggling together early in the game. With that being said, regardless of the decision, can we just go ahead and accept the first day or so is going to be crazy. Things will be down, queues will be in place, and stuff is not going to work. Just go ahead and get it in everyone's heads because it will happen and they will fix. No MMO is immune to that situation.
  4. In regards to classes, I really miss simplistic classes. Today's MMO's just branch out so many directions and it's a constant struggle to create balance. The new ideas of healerless groups, dropping CC, and other ideas to me just seem like steps away from genre. I am probably in the minority but I hope Crowfall chooses to implement several races but a singular class choice. Personally, if i'm a healer, I want to play the role of a healer. Not have 500 choices of how I will make my healer (ultimately there is an optimal build anyway that most people just copy so what's really the point). I hate to refer to Everquest once again but it was a much simpler time and you had to be good at what you did. I probably need to flesh out the point but foundationally, what does a Crowfall group look like in the developer mind? Roles? Numbers? Any details at all?
  5. Nothing instant or easily accessible. I think everything should be player driven. Examples: Get a Wizard/Mage to port you and your friends Have a tinkerer and enchanter make a teleport device with a finite amount of charges Have a steep requirement for a teleport or gate in a guild hall that must be maintained with resources via player tradeskill. Regardless, it should require a player or their tradeskill in addition to some type of payment (if the player chooses to charge) to do anything. I know druids and wizards in EQ that made a fair living just TP'ing people and it added to the community of the game. Just my opinion...
  6. I really appreciate the OP's post as a PvPer primarily. PvP just has to be meaningful. I would like to see a game where control was something that really impacted gameplay. If a faction had control it opened a lot of areas for them. Premium shops and resources, the kingdom perhaps. While those tossed out would have to live on the outskirts, paying tribute each game day, week, or month. Would be cool if control meant access to certain dungeons and game opportunities. If i'm going to PvP, I would like to feel it is my best interest to do so and be the absolute best. I would like to feel that accomplishing any PvP goal would not be possible without the help of my comrades. PvP, if implemented, does not need to be a side dish or a way to gain a type of currently to buy armor that is just as good as PvE armor but with a PvP stat. If there is one thing that irritates me in game design period is having multiple ways to gain multiple currency to achieve loot. If I grind an instance dungeon to gain a currency to talk to some merchant to get a piece of armor, where is the adventure in that? I log on, queue up, run the dungeon, rinse and repeat, until I have the appropriate currency. It sickens me. Same with PvP, log in, queue up, play 100 games, get the currency, buy your gear. In either scenario you are completely removing yourself from the gaming world. Once you get geared you then moved to raid instances so theoretically, once you make your way out of a newbie zone, you could never interact with a single person except the random people you are paired with through a Dungeon and/or Raid Finder for the entire game. To me, that has to go.
  7. I like what i'm reading here... Let's just follow through. Not to be harsh or critical but we've seen a lot of talk and design docs tout the style that MMO's players are looking. We simply want the core of the genre back. There has to be a way to take 1999-2004 and progress it to now without stripping it down and creating an experience that does not line up with those core values. I'm glad to see you guys taking the right direction. I just hope it happens.
  8. I want to pay a sub model just so you guys can simply worry about the game. If time and resources allow for cash shop items, i'm completely ok with that model. However, it would be strictly for atheistic items such as appearance slots, housing items, pets, mounts, etc. but I would not want micro transactions to fuel the game and put you guys in a position to where if the cash shop is not successful then the game is in financial danger. Simply put, I want the game to be self-sufficient and everything else be gravy.
  9. MMO's have really evolved over the years and i'm sure for every "good" people could argue the "bad". However, some of these features have really redefined the genre and have left it a mere shadow of itself. I'm hoping Crowfall will bring back some crucial features that will restore the essence of the genre. Here is what I would like to see: (strictly my opinion) No instances: In my opinion, the greatest value of a MMO is the interaction and the existence of a player base. Logging on only to have a large percentage hidden away in some separate portion of the world does not create much of a Massive Multiplayer experience. Players should pass each other, interact, group together, travel in numbers for survival, and become dependent on one another. Enhance the world vs Expanding the map: One thing that irritated me with Everquest was continuously expanding the world to the point of losing its identity. Many times expansions or large content updates would be about 70% filler and 30% useful content. Essentially, you took away from the world, leaving well-known areas and key places uninhabited. One of the best memories from early MMO's was seeing upper levels in early zones or simply crossing paths. Progressing new, high level content away from the core game simply segregates the player base. Player Driven World: This is just an idea but I would like to see players grow the city or surrounding villages. Store fronts set up, tradeskill shops, inns, etc. That part of the trades killing process is founding your home and setting up your store. No more NPC's for food and basic goods. Your faction and/or city greatness would be determined based on your player/guild involvement. Factions/PvP: The world needs opposition beyond the AI. Everything should be challenged as you venture out deeper into the gaming world. If a dragon would bring your kingdom/faction/city greatness, I don't think in a fantasy world there would be much lore to support fantasy races of all types giving courtesy to another's purpose. There will always be an evil looking for evil intent, the greater good, and simply those who look out for themselves. This simply adds to the game. Many MMO's have take a step or two into this... thinking DAoC, WAR, and others but never quite taken it to the next level. Overall, again in my opinion, I would hope a new MMO would attempt to revisit the roots of the genre and develop them further instead of sugar coating them and making it less of what it was intended to be. MMO's have taken the form of RPG's such as Diablo, Skyrim, and others were small groups experience the game without impacting the world either positively or negatively. To me, this contradicts the first iteration and idea of the MMO genre.
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