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  1. Quoting myself. What if, instead of possibly complex UI needs etc.. to make this happen, tray was also a button that we could drag to any other tray as we wish. Similarly to what eg. WoW is doing with forms and stances. That way I could put combat tray to eg. button '4' on my harvest tray. Then on button '4' I had my opener in combat tray and the switch from harvest tray to combat tray and to do attack opener would be just hitting 4 twice. Then if we so choose we could not bind global tray switch to anything, or maybe bind just harvest tray and other trays were icons in there as harvest tray has room for those extra icons anyway? This would free many hotkeys to do useful things when in that tray.
  2. Yes! That would be great. I have two more tray-related improvement ideas: It would also be nice if for example as assassin you did not have to go from Combat tray to Harvest tray first in order to go to the Stealth tray. Please let us assign, or override, key binds to trays per-vessel. The global assignments are not practical when playing different classes that have different trays.
  3. Druid Life Tray attack is Focused Spark, should be Coalesce Life. Life Tray is grayed out when Focused Spark on Life Tray is hovered over (as seen in pic below).
  4. Personal score updates are sometimes missing. I just solo captured two outposts and my personal capture count went up by 1. I've noticed same thing with kills too. Sometimes kills don't get added to the score at all.
  5. The price at which building materials sell for feels a bit high. (2500g for stack of 20)
  6. I'm unable to get my to my body after death. Also, the crow spawned right there on the corpse after dying from fall damage.
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