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  1. " If you think being a good crafter in CF is only about the passive skill tree, you haven't spent enough time learning the systems yet " - Miraluna Your right, I did think all my skill was in the passive system. I will try 'late game' crafting. I'm playing on god's reach... once a campaign starts again I'll join up and see how it goes. ( I hear the loot is better 😃 )
  2. I'm new to the alpha so i might be missing something but the passive system is kinda a bummer. I feel like i should just go play another game until i have more skill points, sure i can harvest and kill things but I like crafting and my skill in crafting is based on how long my character has been created? I don't feel connected to my own progress... I know this may be for balance (Which IS super important) but I just feel like there is no challenge to rank up skills. I'll be a master woodworker in (X) days regardless of what i do. I never have to cut down a single tree.... ??? Maybe some sort of hybrid would work? Passive combat skills/ active crafting skils??? No idea really... Personally I'd love it if my crafting skills for leather were only ranked up with leather crafting. Tree chopping by cutting down trees, etc... Anyways just an opinion. I really do love the old SWG crafting style =D Looking forward to watching this game grow. Keep up the great work guys! EDIT: I play on 'God's reach'
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