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  1. After complete shutdown my pc completed the download. The error message was something about the file being used by something else. Which is weird because I really had nothing open. Does Windows Defender wig out with Crow Fall?
  2. I have downloaded from scratch - the game loaded well. I played for a couple hours. Then the devs decided to update. The patch last night is only updating to 99% again. It is pretty disheartening - I feel like I spend more time grumbling about connection than actually playing. I will log off, turn off all my apps, shut down pc and try again. But seriously this is crap.
  3. Can anyone direct me to where the game can be downloaded.
  4. Crowfall live latest update loads to 99% and thats it. I have rebooted the computer and tested my sanity by trying to update 5 times for the same result. I even tried to just not update. Looks like I am out of Crowfall until the next update. If I knew a solution I would try. PS. Nothing new has happened on my computer. Client Froze whilst trying to get into EK, tried a few times, then crashed - I thought it was the update. But why would EK try and not work prior - This is the only thing I did different. No new programmes porn or anything. s
  5. Do vessels re set when the game resets?
  6. It looks like if you linger too long near an opposing Rune Gate you get one minuscule warning then a few seconds late you get zapped. The warning should be more obvious. It took three attempts to understand this insanity.
  7. There is a section on the map that kills my character by just being their. I cannot see any animals, monsters, other players It is simple wilderness. I approach the area and die. Problem is my character has left a fair bit of gear from the session. Any ideas?
  8. I cant load on, I closed the app re logged on then tried to load the campaign. Nothing.
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