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  1. I have downloaded from scratch - the game loaded well.

    I played for a couple hours.

    Then the devs decided to update.

    The patch last night is only updating to 99% again.


    It is pretty disheartening - I feel like I spend more time grumbling about connection than actually playing.

    I will log off, turn off all my apps, shut down pc and try again.

    But seriously this is crap.

  2. Crowfall live latest update loads to 99% and thats it.

    I have rebooted the computer and tested my sanity by trying to update 5 times for the same result.

    I even tried to just not update.


    Looks like I am out of Crowfall until the next update.

    If I knew a solution I would try.

    PS. Nothing new has happened on my computer.

    Client Froze whilst trying to get into EK, tried a few times, then crashed - I thought it was the update.

    But why would EK try and not work prior - This is the only thing I did different.


    No new programmes porn or anything. so I am at loss. It worked than didn't.




  3. Playing on the Campaign on Sunday 1st December.

    I am from Australia as such my expectations are a little lower given the lag I suffer.

    The first time I died I still had 70% of my Health Bar, so in essence I was not playing server side. My health bar when not in siege works perfectly fine. I thought Siege had improved because my FPS were not affected at all. It wasn't a big Siege maybe at any given time upto 40 players on my screen. I expect that the Dev are still working on these issues.


    What really upset me though was the second issue.

    Whilst in Siege I was caught in a loop, my Avator would teleport back to where I was a couple seconds earlier (walk ten meters, than wolah back where I was like magic) , this scenario happened twice, the second time I was really upset as I was trying to flank around another Alliance when it happened, I am not sure what other players could see, but I was being attacked with no means of escape.


    Upsetting to the point my OCD was setting in - it was not fun.

  4. NA


    2300, WTF, 2750


    I have been in that location twice.

    Glitch One.

    The ground gives way (like entering the twilight) and you sink down under the ground rapidly, I was at -550 something like that. 

    The character dies which is great considering that you are in a Black Hole.

    I pressed F to recover crow.

    Glitch two

    Unsafe location "Scotty beams me to the furthermost reaches of the Map) The area is safe.

    I fly back to the stronghold and press F to recover character.

    I can't recover character but I am no longer spirit.

    Glitch three

    I press G to go to temple.

    Loading Zone Page appears and is on a loop - I can't load the page.


    Crash Crowfall, reload app, re spawned in Temple :)

    Went back to same location


    2300, WTF , 2750


    and it happens again.







  5. I have played for a few days and just ranked to Level 15.

    I saw extra abilities and tried to apply them.

    Now I am at a situation of wondering if the Game has a bug - because my essence is no longer recovering.

    I created a staff, then removed it.

    Played around with moving powers about to no avail.

    Noticed another sub in my abilities "Life Box"

    Have really no clue.

    I am wondering because I went Arch Druid?, I chose that path because I am a Druid - not Mother Earth or whatever the other one is.

    I feel like there should be some explanations.

    Why can I no longer get essence.

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