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  1. See, expecting players to act against their own interests for altruistic goals of preserving a server is a losing battle. If the devs want balanced population, there needs to be incentives to join underpopulated factions so it isn't like this after launch. For example, splitting campaign rewards among all the players in a faction would result in more for you if you're in the small faction. If they really want to fix it quickly, give PvE loot drop bonuses to members of the under-populated faction. I guarantee the problem would be resolved after 1 or 2 campaigns then. If anything, I hope things become even MORE lopsided during pre-alpha so it becomes glaringly obvious to the devs that they need to address this.
  2. What the game really needs is an incentive for people to not always side with the expected winning faction every campaign.
  3. A lot of your comments are shared by the rest of the community. I can't speak much to your druid concerns, but the snippet above sounds like you encountered an ancient aurok. Watch out for ancients unless you're in a group or rolling with high-end gear and skills.
  4. Hey, I saw you guys went balance, so that's what I entered. Any word on what's next in the recruitment process? Thanks.
  5. I'd settle for just being able to add our own markers to our own maps
  6. Are you guys recruiting more players since the campaign is starting tomorrow? Saw a bunch of you in the balance keep in God's reach tonight.
  7. If you really want to force people to specialize, just give people a set amount of skill points to allocate at the beginning of each campaign, then wipe the skills at the end. That way any new-comer can be just as useful, and the advantage for long-time players will be the gear & mats they've accumulated & exported from specializing in different things in previous campaigns.
  8. The knight's shield swipe/ shield stun attack combo often does not perform the second attack despite my furious tapping of the button.
  9. As a latecomer, the only thing keeping me from bailing on the game is knowing that there will be a skill reset for everyone sooner or later, putting us on equal footing again. I can't figure out how anyone joining the game after launch could feel like they'll ever be competitive. I know there has been talk of "catch-up" mechanics, but no talk of what that would look like. Some activity or achievement you can accomplish in-game to gain skill faster? If such a thing can exist, I feel like that should be the default way to gain skill over the nothing-you-can-do-about-it-watch-the-paint-dry current system. Also, the current system just makes the game pay-to-win for people who buy multiple accounts. Working as intended, perhaps?
  10. Thanks, do you remember what dropped it?
  11. Is there a reliable place to find for the soul of the foreman?
  12. Thanks! Doesn't work in the spirit bank unfortunately.
  13. For any crafted item that is based on the stats of the ingredients, greens and blues get an automatic 15% stat bonus upon assembly, purples 20% and golds 25%.
  14. It would be a huge quality of life improvement if our inventory screens had a button that would consolidate stackable items into the minimum number of slots. This is sorely needed because of the slow response time when clicking on stuff in inventory (which presumably won't change since I'm assuming that delay has something to do with communication to the server to prevent duplication).
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