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  1. Guild Name: The Arcane Path Website: https://www.guilded.gg/The-Arcane-Path Discord: https://discord.gg/pFxBA7J Focus: We have a focus on crafting and gathering, Normally play on Balance. But venture outward to other activities as well! -------------------------------------------------------------------- About: The Arcane Path is a North America Guild based on the East Coast! We are currently building our ranks for Crowfall and Ashes of Creation, to be ready to jump into the action at launch! Our main focus in Crowfall will be Crafting, along with as much PvP as we can, but that wont stop us from doing things! We will be ready to defend Balance against whatever comes our way! We are accepting all types of applicants, whether you are a Casual or Hard Core player, The Arcane Path has a spot for you! If you are interested in applying at all be sure to apply to our site in the link above! (All Applications are currently being accepted). The Arcane Path is a guild that's built around rewarding members for their contributions, whether this means a promotion in our ranks or a spot in the next event, players who contribute to the guild itself and help out with the members throughout, will be recognized for their deeds! If you are interested in applying go to Crowfall.com/Guilds and search The Arcane Path!
  2. Hi! I am new to Crowfall, and was just curious, is the 200$ package the only way to get right in and start playing or is the game past the Alpha 2 stage? -Ritchie
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