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  1. - You don't get pips back while blocking skills with Templar
  2. They are removing things or nerf em to the ground while we need way more customizations...
  3. - juggernaut active wont refresh the retaliate immunity and its not working vs tornadoes - escape artist passive is not working because its not decreasing the duration of any cc. - blocking with a knight wont proc dmg buff if you have a barrier up - berserk UI bugs out 80% of the time not showing right damage, right time left or not showing at all - retaliate still disappear or not showing at all after certain cc, like tornadoes knock up or frigid ice knock down. Rebinding retaliate sometimes fix it.
  4. Just remove any tipe of CC from promo that are not CC based. The end. Ppl claiming retaliate being op are the same that want more aoe power in the game. They don't get that is easy for everyone to stunlock a target till the death or put some aoe at the same time. Ther is no reason to roll a CC promo when a fessor has 3 CC, damage, mobility and a perma ulti on base kit.
  5. Hello; - Weapon finesse doesn't allow a templar to save pips anymore. You spends 2 pips for discipline skills with or without WF. - While barriers up like force mage or even ultimate, if you block parry doesn't proc untill those barriers are down. - If you get rooted and some times even with others CCs, you cannot use skills because of retaliate UI icon on the screen. For exemple, you can block, but again parry wont proc. - Melees are utter garbage compared to ranged class like single target vs aoe dps
  6. Hi, 1) When using Juggernout major discipline, under the immunity of unstoppable or furious retaliate i wont get cc'd but if i am casting a skill it will get interrupted anyway. If i am channeling pulverize with immunity on, i wont get pulled for exemple, but the pull will interrupt the pulverize. 2) With Poisoner discipline on, the moderate bleeds are not working properly and cannot stacks like without that discipline. 3) Colossus smash says "lounges you up to 20m towards the enemies" but you are moving 15/16 m only. 4) Sturdy its not working on a human templar, it disappear even with full HP. 5) Centaur charge apply the armor debuf on the UI but its not decreasing armor on details. 6) Weapon finesse its not working. 7) Minotaur charge has now a new small root animation at the end thx
  7. I really don't understand how a video showing organized players having fun killing other players can hurt a PVP (pre-alpha?)game. I had fun watching it way more than watching several boring video out there with same music and boring encounters. 😃 GJ @Yumx and V, Thumbs up!
  8. Somehow, you cannot hit ppl that are running away but still inside 3m range. Maybe is something linked to the sprint but i am not sure. Even if i am 1m range and the target has no shields or whatever, most of the time if the are running and i am chasing as a melee, i cannot him even at 1m range with the red reticle perfectly on the hit box.
  9. WASD 4 unique powers aswell
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