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    Graph Theory, Procedural Generation and Voxel Dynamics. Just a full-time physics professor who hasn't matured since 22.
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  1. 1.) Trammel 2.) Trammel 3.) Trammel 4.) Combat System not clearly defined. 5.) Trammel
  2. This is what happens when you let marketing majors think they know anything about game development. Terribleness.
  3. Wow. Also impressive for drawing her left handed. (I know nothing of art, and cannot do the arty thing so I don't know if this is easier or harder. I just find it pretty custard stellar bro)
  4. I'm still surprised furries haven't been in here QQ'ing about how they are a female centaurkin and are triggered by this game.
  5. I prefer 20 for combat, including special combat like sieges. The remainder for non-combat related items should be around 10. I think that's about perfect for me.
  6. The most productive part of this thread is that it was moved to off-topic and likely dismissed just like the QQ thread about fae assassins killing babies.
  7. Did he really just devolve into copy pasting wikipedia articles? Holy poorly made socks.
  8. I just spit coffee all over my desk. Top kek.
  9. Something can be both ballsy, and bad. I lack the testicular fortitude to high dive off of a bridge with no parachute, still a bad idea despite being ballsy. You're reading an implication that was never made to suit your own narrative and doing mental gymnastics in order to try and claim your internet forum victory over someone that was already saying what you restated for no apparent reason. Your weapon seems to be misfiring, maybe it's jammed? Better luck next time bro.
  10. Saving something at the cost of turning it into a pile of soulless garbage is not saving it in any meaningful way. That's like saying colonials saved the Africans from a life of traipsing around a jungle by bringing them to America. Sure, it was a huge financial success, paved the way for future businesses, bolstered the number of citizens to fight in future wars, but at what cost? Admittedly, the comparison is somewhat sensationalist but both are a demonstration of doing x to "save" y is not a boon. Trammel was a response, it did nothing for future games. EQ was already out and had created the PvE PvP split. I read his diatribe and was wholly unimpressed. It came down to "I did my job to make the company more money by ripping out the soul of a great game". Now, full disclosure on my next statement: I've never actually had to earn a dollar I needed. So, with that perspective in mind, I would never compromise the principles and foundations of something that was built in order to make money or just to "do my job". I'm a principled person and I'm sure being born with the proverbial "silver spoon" gives me the leisure to say that where others cannot. That's just my view, and my opinion. I respect others who are not in the same circumstance and have other considerations beyond their principles. However, his mea culpa was fairly weak and left me uninspired that his decision making abilities have improved. He's not actively demonstrated how they've improved, there's no body of work that says to me he makes good decisions. Merely that he follows the money trail and hops on whatever bandwagon is currently out there. I could be wrong. I would like to be wrong. There is precious little regarding gaming that would make me happier than to be wrong. I just have a hard time seeing his silver lining that everyone else seems able to.
  11. It's not mainstream now either. You started off that there weren't many games that portrayed a level of violence, gore, torture, etc. to which you were proven wrong. Now you're talking about how being the antagonist wasn't mainstream 20 years ago when gaming wasn't even mainstream 20 years ago. Pick a point, stick to it, and stop trying to reframe a discussion to better suit your failed attempts at whatever it is you're trying to say.
  12. There were tons of games in the 90s that portrayed murder, torture, etc. That was the point I was making.
  13. And when you did it to the capture priestess or faerie? Was it okay then?
  14. So if I take a humorous approach it's okay to portray misogyny? I mean, I love grape jokes and people always get mad about that. Portraying torture of a female humanoid as humorous is close enough to warrant a comparison.
  15. In Dungeon Keeper (incredible game series) you were making every attempt to build a dungeon and kill the heroes. All the while training your baddies, slapping them around(literally), and giving them what they desired. This included smacking the succubus and putting her in the torture chamber because she was into that. Bask in the enlightenment.
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