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  1. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: I am accepting of most and therefore can adapt. I'm here to enjoy my time so don't want to be a part of any racist, derogatory, or otherwise toxic environment. Casual/Hardcore?: That depends on definition and night of the week. Throughout the week I'll probably be mostly gathering and creating, though can join in if the guild has something going. Weekends I can be more hardcore. Size: I don't really mind. I'd probably prefer to know my guildmates and be known rather than be another cog in some giant machine. Play-Style: I've a propensity to be a gatherer/crafter and a healer. Commitment: I am commited to schedules. So I can commit based on what the guild wants, other than that I play when I have time. Miscellaneous: Fairly new to Crowfall, so still learning as I go. Experience: MMOs have always been my genre of choice. WoW, Eve, DAoC, Shadowbane, Guildwars, BDO, etc. Voice-Chat services: I am open to whatever service the guild chooses.
  2. Not sure if this is planned for the future, but is there anyway to make moving the camera independent of the direction in which I'm moving? It would be nice to, say, hold the right mouse button down while running and continue to run straight but be able to look around. Camera adjustment would also come in handy while in crow form. As is, the crow chem trail effect is annoyingly dominate on the screen. Thanks for consideration!
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