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  1. NO LONGER LFG Hi everyone! New backer here, and looking for some like-minded people to enjoy this game with! Region: EU (United Kingdom) Atmosphere: I'd like a guild that is more of a close-knit band of brothers, than a massive guild where people hardly know each other. Team focused is also a must, as I do enjoy helping others out, and for others to do the same should the need arise. Casual or Hardcore: When I commit to a game, I will commit, however because of real life, I'd say a casual playstyle would suit me better than a hardcore one. Size: As s
  2. Hey everyone! Just pledged to this game, and I don't usually post on forums, but thought I'd say 'Hi' to you all! I'm a long-time MMO player, and Crowfall really has piqued my interest: Happy to be part of the community
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