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  1. Ethereal Sight isn't dropping. It's not on the disc vendors in the temple, and I've talked to people with probably 1000+ disc drops between them and no one has seen one. Is it still in the game?
  2. How are we supposed to do any meaningful testing of crafting on Test as a new player, if we can't fast-level crafting skills like combat levels? I don't understand why you make it a five minute task to ding 30 on a vessel, but send new crafters away from Test for a few months to wait on leveling. 😕
  3. My post is a little different as I am looking for a guild for both my son and I to join and we have different play styles. We come from a collective 20+ years in DAoC...commitment is not an issue. lol. Guild criteria: Region: Western Canada (MST) Atmosphere: Mature, dedicated to the game, and a small to medium-sized tight knit group that meshes well in PvP. Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore, but without the drama that elitists tend to bring. We will help contribute to that mentality and success. Size: Open to all sizes of guilds, but favoring guilds with aspirations to stay small to medium in size. Play-Style: Son is very competitive in PvP. As the old guy, I typically eke out my advantage by theorycrafting game mechanics over time. I'll also spend as much time crafting as PvPing. I'm lazy so I like to DPS for an MA where possible, but often end up as MA. Son just flat out likes beating people senseless. Commitment: 20+ years in our last game...we don't hop around. We expect the same of our guild. Miscellaneous: Looking to play an integral role in a guild that's going to be around in Crowfall for as long as the game is active. We already each have a main and a crafting account 10 days in... Experience: One MMORPG for many, many years. And that's the plan for Crowfall as well, unless CU goes flying by it in development and/or CF development stalls. Before DAoC, I played competitive matches in a top tier FPS guild for 4-5 years. I don't claim to have those reflexes anymore... Son has played many games/types of games, including a lot of time in Dota 2. We'll be gaming in our home LAN room on a large fiber connection with dual GPU water-cooled i7s (we've been a gaming family since before it was cool). Voice-Chat services: Whatever the guild uses is fine. Son will be on in 30 seconds. It may take me a few minutes to figure out if it's a new one to me. As an added bonus, I bring a legendary Canadian accent (whatever that is) to chat, so I'm told. We're not in a big rush to join a guild, and I want to try to make sure I/we make the right choice the first time. Here's hoping Crowfall turns out to be a huge success! Cheers. *** P.S. - Feel free to PM me on Discord as well. Prea #3409
  4. Heard some sounds in Baltia like I was being aggroed by mobs from behind. Turned to find another person fighting mobs at clip range. Sounded like they were right on top of me. I had that happen twice.
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