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  1. I've been getting lots of questions from players and/or messages from my guild mates about people asking about vessels in General Chat in game. I am currently handling necromancy for HoA, a very well-established CF guild. I am willing to craft vessels for out of guild players for 25 chaos embers. These will be fully re-rolled blue vessels made with a fully geared & leveled necromancer with a leadership bot and all the tricks our crafting core has learned to optimize the outcome. I will, at my discretion, use extra additives I have available. Or you are free to provide your own and I w
  2. Ethereal Sight isn't dropping. It's not on the disc vendors in the temple, and I've talked to people with probably 1000+ disc drops between them and no one has seen one. Is it still in the game?
  3. How are we supposed to do any meaningful testing of crafting on Test as a new player, if we can't fast-level crafting skills like combat levels? I don't understand why you make it a five minute task to ding 30 on a vessel, but send new crafters away from Test for a few months to wait on leveling. 😕
  4. My post is a little different as I am looking for a guild for both my son and I to join and we have different play styles. We come from a collective 20+ years in DAoC...commitment is not an issue. lol. Guild criteria: Region: Western Canada (MST) Atmosphere: Mature, dedicated to the game, and a small to medium-sized tight knit group that meshes well in PvP. Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore, but without the drama that elitists tend to bring. We will help contribute to that mentality and success. Size: Open to all sizes of guilds, but favoring guilds with aspirations to
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